Noise on offshore installations training


Consulting - Noise and vibration training - 306x172This course gives you a structured introduction to the generation, the propagation and the control of noise, with emphasis on the conditions prevailing on offshore installations. It includes hands-on exercises in our laboratory.

Upon completion you will...

  • understand the fundamental terminology, methods and parameters of noise topics
  • gain knowledge about good practice of offshore noise control
  • be able to understand and interpret legislation
  • use creative thinking for practical solutions
  • have an overview of how to manage noise on new build and existing installations

Course content

  • Basic acoustics (sound pressure, sound power, the dB scale, noise exposure, calculation exercises)
  • Hearing damage/hearing protection, vibration exposure
  • Noise measurements (basic sound pressure measurements, signal analysis)
  • In the lab (measurements, equipment, sound pressure exercise)
  • Noise sources
  • Sound radiation and propagation (airborne, structure borne, reduction, radiation, outdoor propagation)
  • Noise management
  • Legislation and standards

Topics will be illustrated with numerous case studies including engine room noise control, gas compressor noise control, accommodation sound insulation, valve and pipe noise reduction and others.

Who should attend

The course is aimed at people working with noise in the oil & gas industry as well as people who would benefit from knowing more about noise on offshore installations.

The course will start with the basic concepts of noise and pre-knowledge of noise is not required to participate.

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