Reliability based mechanical integrity: Basic training for instrumentation


This course is designed for plant personnel to learn the basics of the reliability based mechanical integrity (RBMI) process and how to navigate and utilise the Capstone RBMI software to effectively develop and manage a risk-based integrity program for instrumentation. The course includes hands-on work to maximise the learning experience.

Course content

  1. Introduction to RBMI
  2. Data Collection
  3. Criticality for loops and devices
  4. Activity planning
  5. Activity management
  6. Non-conformances
  7. Reports and report server

Key learning objectives

  • Understand RBMI implementation and navigate the software
  • Identify the two parts of risk and describe what influences risk rankings
  • Understand data hierarchy and relationships
  • Understand how criticality is calculated for devices and the loop
  • Understand how probability of failure and consequence of failure are calculated
  • Understand how RBMI strategies are used to create an activity work plan
  • Generate activity recommendations and create either risk-based or time-based activity work plans for each device and the loop
  • Understand how non-conformances are ranked and managed
  • Understand how the electronic task approval process can be defined
  • Run reports in report server

Who should attend?

Engineers and senior technicians who are managing or planning to implement an RBMI program for instrumentation.

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