Reliability based mechanical integrity: Inspection risk analyst training


This course will address advanced topics and RBMI functionality with a focus on risk analysis as part of the overall RBMI programme.

Course content

This course will provide:

  • Advanced topics and RBMI functionality will be addressed to optimise the risk analysis as part of the overall RBMI programme
  • An overview of standards and codes related to RBI
  • Concepts of risk and risk management
  • Analyzing consequence of failure
  • Analyzing likelihood of failure
  • Interpreting risk results
  • RBI data sensitivity
  • Inspection planning
  • Validating RBI inputs and outputs
  • Updating risk
  • Reporting and communicating results
  • Hands-on experience with a fully integrated software system

Who should attend?

Engineers and other technical people who currently are or will be performing/reviewing risk assessments or managing an RBI programme.

Course requirements

You will need to have completed RBMI: Basic training course.

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