Software: Cement evaluation in IP


This is a teacher led one day course designed with new and current users in mind.

Who should attend?

Log analysts, technical assistants, reservoir engineers, well engineers, production engineers, petrophysicists or anyone else with an interest in the evaluation and the assurance of down-hole cement bonding. Both IP software users and non-users are encouraged to attend.

What is the course about?

A one day course which focuses on the basics of the theory behind Cement Evaluation and how the module is run within IP.

  • Down-hole Cement Bonding and Hydraulic Isolation.
  • The various logging tool types available on the market.
  • The strengths and limitations of each logging tool type.
  • Workflows and techniques for interpreting bond log data.
  • How IP software's Cement evaluation module can improve the accuracy and efficiency of cement bond interpretation.
  • Easy to follow workflows.
  • Easy to follow step by step instructions.

Attendees will be immersed within an interactive learning environment coached by one of our highly trained IP specialists to build skills, confidence and productivity with the software.

During the course attendees will be given the opportunity to ask questions, watch demonstrations and complete step-by-step exercises from our manual to get the most from this course.


1 day

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