Technical: Advanced drilling techniques


This independent course is intended for industry professionals who wish to expand their knowledge of the following advanced drilling techniques (ADT):

  • coil tubing drilling (CTD)
  • managed pressure drilling (MPD)
  • underbalanced drilling (UBD)
  • through-tubing rotary drilling (TTRD)

The course explains how these technologies can help overcome drilling issues and maximise potential economic returns in depleted and brown fields. Participants will gain a unique insight into advanced drilling techniques through the practical integration of theory and actual drilling data, reinforced by the extensive use of real case studies from throughout the world.


You will gain an appreciation of:

  • advanced drilling techniques
  • where they are applicable
  • how to select the right technique and the right candidate

You will learn about:

  • well design
  • HSE issues
  • completion philosophies
  • downhole equipment issues
  • surface equipment design

Who should attend?

Well engineers, reservoir engineers, production and completion engineers and other industry professionals eager to enhance their practical understanding of advanced drilling techniques afforded by this course.


3 days

Scheduled dates

25/09/2017 - 27/09/2017
Dubai / United Arab Emirates

"Most relevant and directly applicable course attended to date... and is a must for all petrophysicists and engineers."
Petrophysicist, Woodside

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