Type certification for wind energy

A fresh approach to type and component certification

Wind turbine certification

Our wind turbine type certification service offers independent type certification for onshore and offshore wind turbines. We bring a fresh, intuitive approach while retaining the technical excellence associated with Lloyd’s Register as a renowned independent global classification society.Power - Renewables - Type certification model - 306x552

We can issue the following certificates:

  • Type certificates (turbine)
  • Component certificates (e.g. wind turbine blade or gearbox)
  • Prototype certificates (early stage certification of wind turbine design consisting of basic design evaluation; prototype test plan evaluation; and safety and function test).

We are also accredited by the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) to perform certification of wind turbines according to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61400-22.

Our type certification process is undertaken in accordance with IEC 61400-22 which is internationally recognised and mandatory in some regions. This sets out the key requirements for assessment of wind turbine design, manufacturing and testing. We also ensure that your technology meets any relevant country-specific requirements and incorporate your own additional requirements for compliance.

Wind turbine certification from LR Energy delivers:

  • A focus on your end-users - a Lloyd’s Register Energy Type Certificate means that you are delivering the technology they need.
  • A unique pre-certification module, 'SMART Audit' - specifically designed to plan for innovation challenges in advance, therefore removing delays later in the process.
  • Pre-defined communication channels and an informative communication style throughout the process to provide the context you need, when you need it, in order to meet individual standards.
  • A team of technology specialists with strong design-side experience who can challenge and scrutinise all elements of your turbine technology.
  • A cross-functional, scalable team of internal and external specialists that can be ramped up, if necessary, to avoid delays to your time schedule.
  • Staged progress reporting so that you have documentation to support any internal key performance indicators.

Wind turbine Certification for market entrants

For market entrants we offer a module that is independent of the type certification process. This includes training seminars to help you understand the standards, the process itself, how to plan for it and how to avoid the typical stumbling blocks. If you then ask us to provide wind turbine type certification, we conduct a full audit of your early stage design, management systems and resource so you can make adjustments where necessary. We then work with you on a pre-certification audit to plan for innovation challenges in advance, therefore removing delays later in the process.