Vendor assessment - audit

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The primary concern with any new contract is the choice of vendor. Audits and assessments help you find one that can deliver on time and isn't dependent on too many external factors.

There are many paths to take, but we understand that takes time and money. We have developed a simple approach based upon particular criteria to make the audit process as efficient as possible.

Our vendor assessments comprise a set of questions specific to the sector, which audits threats to the following processes of each vendor:

  • The vendor organisation
  • Quality management system
  • Product inspections
  • Equipment required for inspections
  • Procurement
  • In-process inspections
  • Workmanship
  • Corrective actions
  • Capability to deliver.

We also have extensive experience in running vendor risk assessments, having built-up extensive knowledge by auditing vendors across the globe, we are able to fully assist you in your business. Our SMART inspection vendor assessment / audit scheme allows our clients to assess their vendors against leading practice, and the vendors themselves to identify their weaknesses. Thereby minimising risk and reducing uncertainty, improving reliability, safety and overall business performance across the supply chain.