Vendor Passport

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LR has teamed up with SupplHi, the digital vendor management platform for complex industrial goods and services for the plant engineering industry, to offer the Vendor Passport™, part of a range of new solutions to buyers and vendors in the oil and gas, chemicals, power generation, renewable energy and marine sectors.

What do we offer?

msis-isp-2017-supplhi-logoThe combination of expertise and deep domain knowledge across SupplHi and LR gives customers access to valuable new services which innovate the traditional purchase qualification process, including:

  • The innovative Vendor Passport™ scheme which provides LR assured assessment of the vendor’s ability to deliver complex goods and services, including the visit of each single manufacturing plant/facility 
  • A vendor management platform giving instant access to 17,000+ registered vendors from 100+ countries in 2,250 different categories of equipment
  • A range of tailor-made services to set up and improve the categorization of goods and services for buyers, based on a holistic category structure which can be mapped to buyer’s systems

What are the benefits?

LR and SupplHi are uniquely positioned to ensure that customers get significant value over and above other industry purchasing platforms by providing:

  • Comparability of suppliers – based on detailed and accurate categorisation of supplies
  • Global scale – connecting buyers and vendors through a single digital platform
  • Peace of mind – leveraging consistent quality assurance standards developed with LR
  • Reduced cost across the entire purchasing process

Talk to us if:

  • You need to enhance and enlarge your vendor base
  • You want to free up the time of senior resources
  • You are looking for sustained cost reduction for vendor assessment activities
  • You want to further mitigate risk in your vendor base and promote best practices
  • Satisfy vendor compliance requirements in your sector

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