Welder and welding operator qualification services

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The qualification of welders and welding operators by a third party organisation is required for most safety-critical, pressure related manufacturing and fabrication. 

This is done through welder qualification tests. These allow welders to demonstrate their ability to follow verbal and written welding instructions according to a national code, standard or regulation.

Lloyd's Register provides independent, third-party witnessing of welder and operator qualification tests, and the endorsement of welder certification in accordance with national, European and international recognised standards, including but not limited to:

  • BS EN ISO 9606
  • BS EN 287
  • ISO 14732
  • AWS

LR is able to provide this service in 2 ways:

  • LR attending clients facilities direct
  • LR attetnding welding school/trainer

Why choose Lloyd's Register?

LR strives to be your number one choice for welding qualification services. Our passion is to deliver a service of quality, integrity and a safety ethos, coupled with a technical wealth of experience, knowledge and professional academics; which in turn provides confidence for you and your stakeholders throughout the whole service.