Welding procedure qualification

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Whether required by the Code of Construction, regulation or by contract, qualification of welding procedures by a recognised third-party organisation is often necessary for companies to independently verify their welding competency.

Welding procedure qualification tests are designed to validate that following a given set of parameters will produce a joint that has the properties that satisfy the design requirements and will achieve specified levels of weld quality and mechanical properties. These requirements may be derived from the Code of Construction or the requirements of the end user.

Code compliant welding procedures help ensure consistent and safe welding practices for a company’s welders. Independent witness and review helps refine the procedures to make sure safety-critical assets are welded safely and achieve the desired quality level the code of construction requires.

Why choose Lloyd’s Register?

As an independent, accredited and globally recognised third-party inspection agency, LR can certify your welding procedures in accordance with many codes and standards. Use our decades of welding expertise, dating to the review of some of the first welding procedures used on board steel ships, to communicate to your stakeholders with confidence.

As an ASME Authorised Inspection Agency and EU Notified Body for permanent joining approval, LR has the expertise to assist you in the qualification of your welding procedures In accordance with national, European and internationally recognised standards, including but not limited to:

  • ASME Section IX
  • AWS
  • BS 4515 
  • ISO 15614 series

LR strives to be your number one choice for welding qualification services. Our passion is to deliver a service of quality, integrity and a safety ethos, coupled with a technical wealth of experience, knowledge and professional academics; which in turn provides confidence for you and your stakeholders throughout the whole service.

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