Building information modelling (BIM)

The BIM concept involves the virtual construction of a facility prior to its actual physical construction, in order to reduce uncertainty, improve safety, work out problems, and simulate and analyse potential impacts.

en-isl-2015-BIM Illustration

Representing not only a new way to do work, BIM is being adopted by architectural, engineering and construction firms around the world as a way to become more effective and efficient.

While the BIM process was given some traction by the UK Government when it required all public construction projects to be performed by 'BIM Ready' organizations, the BIM process has now developed its own momentum. The  wider industry recognises that the process makes not only the design and construction phases more efficient, but also provides benefits during the operational phase of a building.

LR has developed a BIM Level 2 Accreditation scheme to help companies on their BIM journey.