Multi Utility Recognition Status (MURS)

We operate the Multi Utility Recognition Status (MURS) for those utility providers who already hold accreditation under the NERS (electricity), GIRS (gas) and WIRS (water) schemes.

Find a list of MURS accredited Utility Infrastructure Providers here.

What is MURS?

MURS is not a stand-alone status as only those companies who hold NERS (at 1st tier level), GIRS and WIRS and meet the scheme requirements will be automatically moved onto MURS. This means that whilst there will be a register of companies awarded MURS they will not actually hold MURS accreditation.

What are the benefits for Utility Infrastructure Providers (UIPs)?

MURS removes the duplication that exists across the utility schemes in validating common office and system procedures.

This will:

  • Reduce the number of annual surveillance visits.
  • Change the way 3 yearly re-appraisals are done.
  • Multi-utility capability of the companies with MURS will be promoted on the scheme specific web listings.
  • An assessor will be nominated to liaise with the utility provider and co-ordinate the input of scheme specific assessors.