Our heritage

Our heritage

Lloyd’s Register was set up in 1760 in London and it maintains a happy relationship between tradition and foresight. Since our foundation we have responded to change and led the developments that have made lives safer and helped businesses prosper.

Our reputation as an independent body – with safety, integrity and high standards as its guiding principles – has been built up over more than 250 years. This heritage is an important part of our culture and forward-thinking approach to our business.

Celebrating 250 years of Lloyd’s Register

Lloyd’s Register is a remarkable organisation. Few bodies last as long, remain as consistently successful or sustain their reputation over such a time span. Why has it lasted over 250 years?

Historian Nigel Watson, talked about our history and the answers to this question in an article in the first issue of the group’s magazine, Insight, in June 2010. To download a copy of this article click here.