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More than just classification

Through our classification Rules and Regulations, we set safety and environmental standards for the design, construction and operation of ships.

Through our classification Rules and Regulations, we set safety and environmental standards for the design, construction and operation of ships. We are continually updating the Rules to reflect the newest industry, technology and statutory developments so that we can support our clients’ aspirations. If you are building new ships, our plan approval and construction survey services help ensure they are designed and constructed in accordance with the Rules.

For existing ships, fleet quality is our focus. Through periodic class surveys, we check that your ships remain compliant with the Rules, giving you confidence in their condition and identifying any problems. When there are issues, we will work with you to help your vessels stay in class. And you can check your fleet’s status at any time through our online service, Class Direct

You can transfer your ship to Lloyd’s Register class at any time during its life.

New construction

Helping you take the first step towards improved safety and operational performance at the design and construction stages

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Classification of existing ships

When you work with us, you benefit from some of the world's finest marine experience and an organisation dedicated to delivering the best customer service during the entire life of your vessel regardless of type.

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Transfer of class to Lloyd's Register

Transfer of class (TOC) is the process by which a vessel currently classed by a member or associate of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) can gain Lloyd’s Register class. Quality procedures laid down by IACS describe the responsibilities of each society for the conduct of TOC surveys and the submission of plans and information.

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Class News

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