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Better ships, better performance

Today our technical expertise is meeting the demand for ships that are designed and operated to perform better in every way, from the fuel they consume to the technologies and procedures they employ. And better performing ships means a better bottom line.

Today our technical expertise is meeting the demand for ships that are designed and operated to perform better in every way, from the fuel they consume to the technologies and procedures they employ. And better performing ships means a better bottom line. 

Whatever your project or design, we are  available to discuss it with you at the  earliest stage to help find the best solution and get things ‘right first time’.

Environmental services

Information about future fuels, energy efficiency, environmental training and other services including ballast water management, biofouling, ship recycling, ECO Notation, verification of environmental performance and garbage management.
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Condition Assessment Programme

Our Condition Assessment Programme provides this essential independent evaluation of the condition of your ship. An owner possessing a CAP certificate and report from us can benefit from improved risk assessment ratings, preferential chartering opportunities, early identification of deficiencies, and maximised residual asset values.

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Construction survey

During the construction process our unique knowledge and experience of design and construction helps our specialist surveyors to offer you practical solutions through on-site survey and construction monitoring.

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Dependable systems review

Our dependable systems review offers you essential advice to support the key phases of system development throughout the concept, specification and design stages helping you to get it right first time.

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Design Appraisal

At the design stage, Lloyd's Register can help you take the first step towards improved performance - now and during the life of your new ship.

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Fire engineering services

Our fire engineering service helps designers to evaluate alternative proposals and to comply with the new Regulation. Our experience of passenger ships is second to none, and our flexible approach and unrivalled expertise will help you deliver safe, effective plans for your new ship.

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Our fuel analysis service, FOBAS, provides fuel quality analysis reports and advice to support your fuel management programme.

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Hull Integrity

Our award winning Hull Integrity service helps you to reduce the risk of structural failure, increasing confidence in the condition of your vessels and helping you to improve safety.

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Maintenance Strategy Optimisation (MSO)

Ensuring reliability and integrity of the structure, systems and equipment of your vessel through effective maintenance management is fundamental to achieving today's safety and environmental performance standards.

For more information about Maintenance Strategy Optimisation (MSO)

Passenger and crew accommodation comfort

Lloyds Registers Provisional Rules for Passenger and Crew Accommodation Comfort (PCAC) aim to provide a noise and vibration comfort solution for all ships.

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Risk management

Our risk management services can help you to minimise the potential for failure. We aim to give you a better understanding of the risks to your operations – and to safety and the environment – by identifying practical solutions to meet your needs.

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Sale and purchase services

We provide independent surveys and reports of the current condition, class status and life history of a vessel. These can provide vital information to help evaluate a proposed investment.

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Ship emergency response service (SERS)

Our ship emergency response service provides practical support worldwide to help you make the right decisions, reducing risks to the environment, passengers, crew and cargo.

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Ship evacuation services

Reliable simulation of safe passenger evacuation is possible through the market-leading program maritimeExodus. When combined with our expertise and experience, passenger vessel designers and operators have an invaluable tool at their disposal to help optimise passenger and crew movements in an emergency.

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Technical investigations

Our technical investigation service provides engineering assessment and evaluation from concept to operations – identifying and understanding problems and providing customised solutions.

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Tanker management and self assessment (TMSA)

We can help you understand how you can meet the challenges of Tanker Management and Self Assessment guide.

For more information about Tanker management and self assessment (TMSA)