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Marine fuel and engine performance consultancy services

Our fuel analysis service, FOBAS, provides fuel quality analysis reports and advice to support your fuel management programme.

Fuel represents not only one of your most significant operational costs, but the impact of poor quality or contaminated fuel could put the safety and environmental performance of your fleet operations at risk.

It is essential that you have confidence in the quality of the fuel purchased for your ships, as well as the performance of your fuel system and engines.

Our services provide accurate information and advice that enables you to manage  fuel quality-related risks across your fleet. Find out more below.

Fuel Oil Bunker Analysis

Our fuel oil analysis service provides independent verification of fuel quality as loaded through a comprehensive programme supported by extensive engineering experience and global post analysis support.

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FOBAS Engine

FOBAS Engine provides a clear indication of performance, lubrication and wear conditions for slow-speed two-stroke marine diesel engines. This is achieved through detailed analysis of engine performance variables combined with advanced dilution analysis of used cylinder, fuel and system lubricating oils.

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Fuel System Audit

Our fuel system audit programme can help provide you with the confidence that the individual parts of your system are performing correctly, helping you reduce the risk of quality disputes and machinery damage.

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Fuel Change-over Plan

Our Fuel Change-over Plan provides step-by-step procedural guidance covering all aspects of change-over to low-sulphur fuel, data recording and documentation.

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FOBAS Onboard with Lab-On-A-Ship™

FOBAS Onboard with Lab-On-A-Ship™ represents the next generation of fuel monitoring. Combining the expertise of FOBAS with a unique onboard fuel and lubricant analysis system, it is an innovative approach to ensuring that fuel oils are adequately pre-treated and then burned in the most efficient manner.

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