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Tanker management and self assessment (TMSA)

Meeting the challenge through continuous improvement

We can help you understand how you can meet the challenges of Tanker Management and Self Assessment guide.

The Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF), through its best-practice guide Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TMSA), has challenged tanker owners and operators to evaluate their approach to the ISM Code, to improve their management systems and to demonstrate a strong commitment to safety and environmental excellence.

Lloyds Register can help you understand how you can meet the challenges of TMSA.

What is the TMSA guide?

The Tanker Management and Self Assessment guide provides a standard framework to assess a ship operators management systems. OCIMF has detailed 12 self-assessment elements that companies can follow to demonstrate their commitment to continuous improvement in safety and environmental excellence within the tanker industry. These cover:

  • management, leadership and accountability

  • recruitment and management of shore-based personnel

  • recruitment and management of ships personnel

  • reliability and maintenance standards

  • navigational safety

  • cargo ballasting and mooring operations

  • management of change

  • incident investigation and analysis

  • safety management

  • environmental management

  • emergency preparedness and contingency planning

  • measurement, analysis and improvement.

How does Lloyd's Register help?

Management systems
We can help you achieve certification to the ISM and ISPS Codes, and ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 management systems, even if your ships are classed by another IACS member.

Advisory services
We can also help you identify how well your existing management systems comply with the elements of the TMSA guide and advise where improvements can be made. All management systems can be reviewed and regularly assessed at agreed intervals to determine the current status of compliance against the guidelines.

Training is highlighted in the guide as a key issue in the development of new attitudes and behaviours. Our award-winning training courses, delivered by marine professionals who really understand your business, will support your commitment to continuous improvement and the long-term delivery of your safety and environmental goals.

Risk management
We also offer a range of risk assessment and risk management programmes, ship emergency response services, human element studies and maintenance management services to help ensure that all elements of the TMSA guide are included in your self assessment plans.

Summary of services

We provide many services that can help you demonstrate compliance with the TMSA guide:

  • management systems certification (ISO, ISM, ISPS, EMS, OHSAS)

  • gap analysis, preliminary and periodical assessments

  • risk assessment services

  • operational risk assessment software - Lloyds Register Marinership emergency response service (SERS)

  • fuel oil bunker analysis services (FOBAS)

  • planned maintenance and condition monitoring schemes

  • ballast water management plan approval

  • ClassDirect Live

  • human element studies

  • training needs assessments and a range of practical courses.

Next steps...

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