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Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM)

The Hong Kong Convention, adopted in May 2009, aims to improve standards of safety and reduce environmental pollution resulting from the recycling of ships.

WalleniusThe Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM), formerly known as the Green Passport, is a key requirement of the Hong Kong Convention. It is designed to aid safer and more environmentally sound recycling of ships.

By approving and verifying an IHM for your vessel, we can help you to comply with the Hong Kong Convention and enjoy a number of additional through-life benefits. Maintaining an IHM is also expected to be a key requirement of the European Union Regulation on Ship Recycling, which should be formally published in the last Official EU Journal of 2013.

Lloyd's Register approved the first IHM to comply with the Hong Kong Convention, Wallenius' vehicle carrier Tristan (above) see press release

What is the Inventory of Hazardous Materials?

The Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships (2009), aims to improve standards of safety and reduce environmental pollution resulting from the recycling of ships.

The Convention will require all ships over 500GT to maintain an inventory of materials present in a ship’s structure, systems and equipment that may be hazardous to health or the environment. The IHM was previously called the Green Passport under the IMO’s voluntary Guidelines on Ship Recycling (2003).

Invaluable tool

A ship’s IHM is maintained throughout its life. Prior to recycling, details of additional hazards in stores and wastes are added, and the document can then be used to help an authorized recycling facility formulate a safer and more environmentally sound plan for decommissioning the ship.

As well as being an invaluable tool for the ship recycling facilities, the IHM also helps to raise staff awareness of the materials onboard a ship that may require special handling.

IHM verification

Lloyd’s Register was the first classification society to issue an independently verified ‘Green Passport Inventory’, back in 2004. Almost 1,500 ships have now signed up for Lloyd’s Register’s IHM approval and verification service, both newbuilds and existing ships, regardless of class.

IHM for newbuilds

The IHM for newbuilds is compiled by the shipyard and verified by Lloyd’s Register during the normal construction survey process.

IHM for existing ships

If your ship is already in service, we will provide you with an interactive IHM template, guidance materials and a named contact from one of our specialist IHM approval teams. The IHM can be completed by a ship superintendent or by senior ship staff, or you can employ the services of a Lloyd's Register Approved Service Supplier.

Once the completed inventory is submitted to us for approval, we will arrange for a surveyor to verify that the inventory is a reasonable representation of the hazardous materials on board ship.

IHM Deliverables

  • Interactive IHM template, guidance documents and support from specialist teams
  • Approval and certification to meet Regulation 5.2 of the Hong Kong Convention
  • "ShipRight IHM" descriptive note
  • Ongoing maintenance support at annual / renewal surveys

Summary of benefits

  • Provides a structured system to control hazardous materials at new build and throughout life
  • Aids safer and more environmentally sound decommissioning of your ship at the end of its life
  • Promotes better hazard management, enhancing onboard safety enabling better long-term liability planning
  • Provides measurable and achievable objectives for ISO 14001 certified companies
  • Assists with meeting the required TMSA elements 3A and 10B
  • Promotes better overall environmental awareness
  • May help to enhance your reputation in the market

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