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LR’s container securing rules, BoxMax notations and software tools

Container stacking


In the design and operation of container ships, there is a balance between the number of containers that can be carried on deck and the risk of container losses. The need to maximise cargo-carrying capacity, the opportunity to improve stowage flexibility, whilst enhancing cargo safety will be a high priority for any container ship needing to adhere to class rules.

What we offer

LR’s container securing rules provide a framework for assessing the acceptability of a container securing arrangement. LR’s rules accurately represents the physical behaviour of the container stack, lashings, twist locks and lashing bridge. Our rules cover:

  • the determination of environmental forces for container securing arrangements, such as ship motion, wind and green sea forces
  • the calculation of the resulting forces in the structural components that comprise the lashing arrangement
  • the allowable forces in those components.

LR’s BoxMax notation provides operational flexibility. The BoxMax (V, W) notation provides more realistic season and location dependent environmental forces for any given voyage and using BoxMax (V, W, L) notation the environmental forces are based on reliable weather forecasts for short voyages. Unlike many other class societies, LR’s assessment of vessel response to predicted sea states recognises the significance of vessel size and provides transparency by clearly indicating the ship motions that the securing arrangement has been assessed against.

LR LashRight and LR LashRightSolver are reliable software tools for assessing container securing arrangements.  LR LashRight is a stand-alone application whereas LR LashRightSolver is a rules engine that can be easily integrated into 3rd party software. Loading instrument vendors, lashing manufacturers and ship builders have successfully integrated LR LashRightSolver into their software to provide a consistent calculation engine that can complete the non-linear assessments of 1000 stacks in less than 3 seconds.

The lashing software is readily extensible to cover novel lashing equipment and lashing arrangements – and hence does not inhibit the adoption of innovation.

What are the benefits for new builds?

  • Maximise contracted container capacity from the start
  • Consistent application across stakeholders – builders, lashing manufacturers and loading instrument vendors
  • Avoid surprises during design and construction
  • Have confidence that contracted capacity will be delivered
  • Deliver operator satisfaction in service

What are the benefits for operators?

  • Maximise container capacity
  • Improve stowage flexibility
  • Enhance cargo safety
  • Manage non-standard arrangements more easily
  • Consistent application across stakeholders - planners, terminals and on-board ship

Why LR?

This is a solution that is flexible and forward thinking. We are unique in bringing together reliable rules that support commercially attractive stack weights, environmental loading tailored to vessel size that reflects reality, and future-proof software tools that allow this to be assessed quickly and accurately across stakeholders.

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