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Digital solutions to prevent accidental entry to potentially dangerous confined spaces.

The Challenge

Working in confined spaces presents many risks to workers and results in numerous safety incidents globally, year after year. Confined or enclosed spaces can take on many forms, whether large or small and can become dangerous for many reasons, including hosting toxic or flammable gases entering the space. It can be extremely challenging for workers to identify confined spaces, or potentially hazardous environments and to dynamically warn unauthorised people before they accidentally enter them. As a result, workers may enter the space unknowingly, without the required permit or control measures, thus putting their lives at serious risk.

This challenge, set in conjunction with one of the world’s largest port-infrastructure companies, Euroports, seeks innovative digital solutions to reduce unintentional entry into hazardous enclosed spaces in a port-environment, specifically cargo holds. In tackling this challenge, LR and Euroports seek to prevent and reduce the number of incidents and fatalities including the loss of consciousness and asphyxiation arising from gas, fume, vapour or the lack of oxygen, when unknowingly entering a confined space.

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