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Round 4 Challenges and Successful Startups.

Improving safety through data analytics applications.

Round 4 Overview: Our fourth round of Innovation Challenges were set in conjunction with industry challenge partners Scorpio, Bernard Schulte and the Discovering Safety Programme, who each sought innovative digital solutions to improve safety through data analytics applications. Data Analytics technology has the potential to transform how we address safety, by providing insight into previous incidents and in doing so, preventing similar incidents occurring in the future.


Challenge: Video analytics for safe operation of critical equipment on commercial ships

Set in conjunction with Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM)

The shipping industry is governed by regulations set by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and other authorities designed to ensure a safe working environment for crew, operational efficiency and protection of the environment. Violations of these regulations put lives at risk and cause damage to the asset and the environment, as well as incur heavy fines.

This challenge, set in conjunction with international ship operator Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM), a maritime solutions company, seeks innovative video analytics applications to detect and alert for unsafe actions onboard commercial ships.


Deepomatic empowers businesses by delivering tailor-made computer vision AI to ensure that they get the most out of their images. We have created a platform that allows our customers to tackle their image-related problems by building and deploying custom AIs. We work with companies in a variety of industries such as automotive, healthcare, security, fashion or construction.

Heptasense is a software for surveillance cameras, capable of recognizing the behaviors of people and objects to improve security and safety, without jeopardizing privacy. It works by connecting the current camera infrastructure to Heptasense’s platform, allowing each camera to have its own intelligence.

Invision AI is on a mission to transform the Internet of Things into the Internet of Intelligent Things. Our AI software runs directly on edge devices, enabling them to create valuable situational insight without expensive hardware or cloud uploads

IronYun is a US-based software company that produces leading AI video analytics, including People and Object Detection, Face Search and Recognition, Intrusion Detection, License Plate Recognition, and People/Vehicle Counting. Our high-accuracy, GDPR-friendly solution helps to save time in security operations by 98%, increasing efficiency and proactivity while protecting lives and privacy information.

Winner: Invision AI


Challenge: Marine Incident Detection and Insights, using sensor and video analytics

Set in conjunction with Scorpio.

Digital technology is transforming the marine industry and already optimising how a ship is run, but the industry has struggled to reduce accidents and incidents due to human error. Digital innovation offers a huge, but widely unrealised, potential to monitor a ship’s environment in real time and identify unsafe situations which could lead to accidents and near misses, before they occur, as well as provide rich data to analyse root causes for the incident.

This challenge, set in conjunction with bulk and tanker ship manager Scorpio, seeks innovative proposals for data capturing and analysing technologies - including video analytics, wearables, real time voice analytics and other sensing devices, coupled with AI, which can drive understanding of human decision making on a commercial ship, to improve safety and reduce risk.


Bleenco develops artificial intelligence software designed to help automotive companies to connect vehicle software with IoT and understand driver behavior. The company’s product CarjS offers a holistic toolkit for building cross platform IoT applications and Pitts offers a framework for real time predictive analysis on Iot devices, enabling car manufacturers to enhance in-vehicle experience and prevent crashes.

Heptasense is a software for surveillance cameras, capable of recognizing the behaviors of people and objects to improve security and safety, without jeopardizing privacy. It works by connecting the current camera infrastructure to Heptasense’s platform, allowing each camera to have its own intelligence.

Sensing Feeling makes advanced human emotion sensing IoT products, powered by computer vision and machine learning, and is designed to be used to sense how users are feeling, just by observing their behaviour, in real time, and in unconstrained (“in the wild”) real-world conditions.

Winner: Sensing Feeling


Challenge: Automatic anonymising and desensitising of health and safety data

Set in conjunction with the Discovering Safety Programme.

The Discovering Safety Programme is a large and ambitious scientific endeavour funded by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation and being jointly delivered by the Health and Safety Executive and the University of Manchester through the recently established Thomas Ashton Institute. The programme accumulates large volumes of information on health and safety industrial operating experience, how well risks are controlled across workplaces and the causes of serious accidents through its day to day regulatory activities in Great Britain. However, individual organisations hold a wealth of additional information on how health and safety risks are controlled across their workplaces. The commercial sensitivity of these information sources and the potential risk of breaching data protection regulations are key factors in the willingness of these organisations sharing their health and safety data within their own organisations, industry and the wider safety safety space.

This challenge, set in conjunction with the Discovering Safety Programme, seeks innovative, effective, automated techniques for desensitising and anonymising health and safety information which could ultimately enable a much more diverse set of health and safety information to be curated, unlocking much higher value knowledge outputs.


Ohalo automates data governance to meet regulations like GDPR and state data protection laws. Ohalo has two products: the Data X-Ray uses a machine learning algorithm to scan data sources ranging from SQL to Google Drive for sensitive data. The Data Protection Router maintains a record of data lineage across multiple data sources to enable easy simultaneous deletion, access, and rectification of data.

Promethium is an advanced automated data context generation/determination solution. Promethium connects to all types of data and sources to non-intrusively and automatically provide users with the context of the given data. That context can be leveraged for data governance reporting as well as streamlining accuracy and consistency in analytics/BI.

WireWheel is a Data Privacy and Data Protection Platform (DP3) Platform combining deep privacy and data protection expertise and innovative technologies, to deliver everything you need to comply with data privacy and data protection regulations, including the EU GDPR, Privacy Shield, PCI DSS and HIPAA. WireWheel modernizes the business critical process of global data protection and privacy management in every business initiative.

Winner: Ohalo

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