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Drill rig surveys and inspections

Drill down to the detail and magnify the condition.

Our drilling rig surveys and inspections provide visibility on the condition of equipment and systems to help you safely reduce down time, failure and cost.


At LR we understand that drilling wells is an expensive business, and prolonging a well program because of issues with equipment or systems adds further burden to the budget, causing cost overruns.

Ensuring that your drilling equipment, systems and unit are operable, well maintained and comply with applicable standards and regulations is key to achieving cost efficient, reliable and safe operations. We help you achieve this so you can focus on what really matters – drilling as efficiently as possible.

What we offer

Our drilling rig surveys and inspections, for both offshore and onshore rigs, can be conducted in person or delivered in real time remotely through LR SecondSight™, providing you with an overview of the condition of the rig equipment and systems.

We help you prevent unnecessary delays before mobilising rigs, reduce non-productive down time (NPT) and diminish interruptions in the drilling schedule that could arise due to unforeseen issues such as malfunctions.   Safe operation is as important as a reliable one; we ensure equipment is up to standard and complaint. Our comprehensive check list which, where applicable, references standards and regulations such as API, ASME, Norsok and Class, can be tailored to suit your individual project needs. 

Rigs regularly move between various jurisdictions; we apply our global expertise to ensure your rig is compliant with local regulations and standards, enabling it to commence work as soon as it gets to a new location. 

If you’re looking to select a rig for a specified well programme or even to purchase a rig, we can assess its condition as part of your due diligence, allowing you to make a more accurate, risk free decision before you commit to contract or purchase. 

Surveys include:

  • Full rig condition survey 
  • Selection survey
  • Compliance survey
  • Value assessment
  • Acceptance survey
  • Dropped-objects survey
  • Critical equipment survey

What are the benefits?

  • Full visibility of rig condition
  • Achieve significant cost savings by reducing NPT, failure risk, project delays and by focusing on critical equipment.
  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance
  • Improve drilling safety
  • Optimise rig efficiency
  • Ensure the operational integrity and reliability
  • Prevent unnecessary delays before mobilising rigs
  • Understand rig suitability for pre-bid/pre-hire criteria
  • Demonstrate asset condition to potential financiers/investor

Why choose LR?

Our goal is for you to exceed your drilling safety, operation and project objectives; cost effectively and safely. Following our acquisition of WEST Engineering Services (2012) and ModuSpec (2008), we offer the world's most comprehensive suite of technical services to owners and operators of drilling rigs. Our world class services and support is recognised globally, with our reputation for technical excellence, safety and trust speaking for itself, having inspected over 80% of the world’s offshore oil rigs.

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