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Interactive Petrophysics (IP)

Support and updates.

Support, downloads and updates for IP.

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Our Support team includes members based in several locations around the globe and can be contacted via phone, email and direct portal feedback 24/7.

The Support Team continues to be a key investment area of our product, underpinning our success. Operating alongside the Product Experts, core development and quality assurance teams, the Support team can highlight your queries and arrange a more detailed discussion over web meetings.

Our goal is to provide fast, helpful responses and to represent issues that clients have to our development team, in an effort to resolve problems as swiftly as possible.

Please contact us with any technical issue or queries 24/7 via our support desk email address or phone numbers:

User support

Email: ipsupport@lr.org

24 Hour Technical support numbers

Asia and Americas: +1-713-489-3995
Europe and Africa: +44-203-608-8024


The installer for our latest version of IP can be accessed by visiting our downloads page – https://ipdownloads.lr-senergy.com/


IP 2019

Our latest major release of IP is IP 2019. The first version of IP 2019 was released in May 2019 and included a host of new features some of which are ground-breaking and makes this our most automated, efficient and connected version of IP yet.

Get ahead with IP 2019

What's new in IP 2019 webinar.


The following updates have been made to IP 2019 since initial release.

  • IP 2019 Update 3 (4.6.2020.22301) Released 10th August 2020

    Cement Evaluation

    The workflow for carrying out independent cement evaluations on multiple data sets or runs within the same well has been made significantly easier. Array curves of the calculated maps are now output rather than being rendered as Image Tools. Radial tool curves accompanying 3ft amplitude curves now have an option to be normalised, allowing comparison between radial curve values and CBL log response charts when selecting appropriate cut-offs for bond map.

    IP release 3 - Cement Evaluation screenshot

    Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradient (PPFG) Toolbox

    We have introduced a new suite of modules to complement our existing Geomechanics Pore Pressure workflows. The Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradient (PPFG) toolbox contains workflows to help predict and detect pore pressure changes, reduce uncertainty and optimize wellbore design.

    IP release 3 - Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradient screenshot

    Image Analysis

    Added the ability to use any user-defined datatypes when analysing fractures. Tool azimuth and relative bearing can now be selected for all tools. We now support 6 arm caliper tools in our interactive 3D Borehole Viewer. These are just some of the many enhancements and bug fixes we have carried out on this module.

    IP release 3 - Image Analysis screenshot

    Log Plots

    We have made significant improvements to the quality of exported PDFs from extra long logplots and they are now crystal clear. Existing issues where logs plots would refresh slowly when well diagrams were present has also now been resolved.

  • IP 2019 Update 2 (4.6.2020.33801) Released 4th December 2019

    Highlights of IP 2019 Update 2 included:


    • Mechanical Properties: Tensile Strength Added, Elastic Parameters Added, Bug Fixes and General Improvements
    • Pore Pressure Prediction: Multi-Well Eaton and Bowers
    • Interpretation Plot: All relevant curves at a glance
    • Multi-Well Sonic vs. TVD Cross Plot
    • Multi-Well Pore Pressure Parameters
    • Real Time MW Pore Pressure Prediction using Xstream Connect
    • Two Maximum Horizontal Stress Equations Added
    • New Stress Polygons
    • New Hydraulic Fracture Gradient Plots
    • New Local Near-Well Stress Output

    Geomechanics updates in IP release 2 screenshotOthers

    • Formation Testing: New Excess Pressure Plots
    • Self Organising Maps: New Mahalanobis Distance Calculated
    • IP Petrel Link: Updated to Connect with Petrel 2019
    • Image Analysis: New ‘Dual’ Image Tool Types added

    IP release 2 screenshot - Petrel database.

  • IP 2019 Update 1 (4.6.2019.23403) Released 26th August 2019

    Highlights of IP 2019 Update 1 included:

    Log Plots

    • Added a Feature to log plots allowing the set name to be hidden from curve names in the scales section.
    • Added an option to apply transparency to shading between curves.
    • Resolved an issue where tops and pick sets would disappear from tracks if their name contained curved brackets.
    • Fonts can be changed on Picks displayed in tracks.
    • Corrected an issue where fonts within a certain track were affected by the change on the font in another track.
    • Corrected the issue where the user was not able to release the border between the header and the tracks on the log plot when clicked using the right mouse button.

    IP Release 1 - Log plots screenshot

    Kingdom Connector

    • When matching wells for Export or Import to/from Kingdom a new item in the dropdown list opens a well chooser with name filtering and selection.
    • It is now possible to restrict the Formation Tops exported to Kingdom databases by Picks Set name
    • It is now possible to restrict the log data exported to Kingdom databases by Curve Set name
    • A ‘Search by Well List’ button has been added at the match wells stage of Export
    • Fixed error when importing empty wells from Kingdom

    IP Release 1 - Kingdom Connector screenshot


    Over 158 other individual cases developed across the IP package for update 1.

    Fixes and enhancements were made to 28 different IP modules including:

    • Cement Evaluation
    • Domain Transfer Analysis (DTA)
    • Monte Carlo Uncertainty Analysis
    • Wellbore Stability
    • SandPit 3D
    • Mechanical Properties
    • Unconventional Resources
    • Multi-Line Formula
    • Temperature Gradient
    • User Formula
    • Curve Data Editing
    • Image Analysis: NavigationQC
    • LAS Export
    • LAS3 Import
    • Clay Volume
    • Cutoff and Summation
    • Cross plots
    • Curve Listing
    • Histograms
    • Toolbars
    • Well Diagram
    • Well Map
    • Well Loading

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