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Food leadership series webinar

Food for thought: What is the future of food safety auditing?

Our Food Leadership Webinar Series in partnership with Food Safety Magazine launches with a look at food safety auditing, a subject that continues to challenge the industry.

The newly launched Food Leadership Webinar Series presented by Lloyd’s Register and in partnership with Food Safety Magazine is a showcase of insight, analysis and innovation from the food industry’s leading figures. We’re sharing their – and our - unique experiences and perspective on how to succeed in the current climate.

The first event in the series, scheduled for 4th April, will be ‘The Future of Food Safety Auditing’ examining one of the most continually challenging areas of the industry. We'll be joined by Jack Jeffers, Vice President, Quality, Consumer Affairs & Dairy Stewardship, Dean Foods, as well as Rosalind Zils, the Senior Director of Quality and Food Safety for 8th Avenue Foods and Provisions. 

You can now watch the webinar on demand by registering here.

Why these webinars matter

From emerging technologies to ever-changing regulations, with a continual need to manage brand reputational risk, even the most established businesses in the food industry face an unprecedented series of challenges.

With a panel of senior specialists and industry thought-leaders, we’ll deliver a compelling and comprehensive examination of the future of food safety auditing - with an in-depth look at the decisions that could make the biggest difference to how your business operates.

Up for debate

We’ve seen for ourselves the impact regulation and legislation - particularly when it changes so frequently and, often, dramatically - can have on a business’ ability to prepare, adapt and remain competitive.

In a market so dependent on a reputation for quality, as well as one subject to such increasing scrutiny by regulators, an effective audit framework undoubtedly offers a significant advantage.

In a market so dependent on a reputation for quality, an effective audit framework undoubtedly offers a significant advantage.

That's precisely why the first webinar in our series is designed to be the most prominent expert-led dissection of the issue, changing the question of auditing from one of paperwork and certification into something that could redefine the way organisations in the food business think, act and plan for the future. In short, there are three vital questions we want to answer:

1. What does good like when it comes to safety auditing?

Beginning our discussion with an analysis of what best practice looks like in terms of auditing - and how effective processes can positively impact your systems, preventative measures, training and people (as well planning for the obvious and unexpected risks you’re exposed to without rigorous auditing).

2. What opportunities arise from effective auditing?

Our expert panel will consider the potential for growth through everything from accessing new export markets and meeting the requirements of key retailers, to reinforcing brand reputation through a demonstrable commitment to traceability and transparency.

3. How can we maintain reliable comparative data when faced with increasingly complex and diverse audit requirements?

Our industry leaders will also share their insights into the challenges of maintaining consistency across several different audits in terms of how that data is used and interpreted. Multiple audits are a central part of supply chain protection, but can it compromise organisational accountability if your quality management approach is not both comparative and collaborative?

Also, is there now a case, logistically and financially, for third-party tools or resource to manage your audit process on your behalf?

Now available on-demand

To watch this webinar on demand, you can register here.


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