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Remote presence

Are you making the most of remote inspection technologies?

Minimise risk and cost by deploying your resources in the right place, at the right time

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Key challenges in asset inspection

To effectively manage the condition and compliance of an asset, visual inspection is essential. But many customers are looking to reduce inspection costs, minimise disruption and deploy resources more efficiently. Digital and remote inspection technologies can help address these challenges - but many organisations are struggling to find the right capabilities, manage vast quantities of inspection data, or realise the promise of greater insights and efficiencies that new technologies can bring.

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    Reduce unnecessary travel or people on board costs

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    Avoid sending people into hazardous environments

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    Focus inspection expertise where it's needed

The challenges we see

Digital technology now enables inspections to be  conducted remotely e.g. via telepresence, drone,  mobile devices or other digital sensors, delivering greater safety as well as having the potential to reduce overall time and cost.  But while there are many remote inspection techniques, tools and suppliers in the market it is still a relatively new application of technology.  So how do customers choose the techniques that are best fit for purpose?  How do they choose the right supplier, one who operates safely and provides quality results?

And while visual inspection data is exploding in volume due to the proliferation of data capture devices, many customers are struggling to manage that data and make the best use of the information it contains.  Data is often captured manually, in different formats, on different systems and in different places, making it hard to connect, organise, interpret and share, or to make practical use of that data at any scale.

How do customers unlock additional value and generate insights from large amounts of inspection data to enable a more predictive and targeted approach to maintenance – helping them to reduce costs, minimise downtime and deploy resources more efficiently– putting them where they need to be at the right time, focussing on the areas that bring the most value and reducing risk by minimising their exposure to potentially hazardous environments?

Reduce risk by minimising exposure of your resources to hazardous environments
Reduce risk by minimising exposure of your resources to hazardous environments

Capabilities we leverage

LR helps customers use remote inspection techniques effectively - from choosing the right tools and technologies for the job, planning and executing the inspection efficiently and safely, right through to managing and extracting value from the data.  And, as an independent certification body, we’re helping to set the standards for industrial UAS inspection.

But that’s only part of the story.  Once you’ve collected the data how do you then extract value?  While gathering data can be faster and safer using remote inspection methods, its ultimate value lies in how the data is managed, interpreted and understood in order to draw out actionable insight. Many of the tools currently in the market are not specifically designed to effectively support visual inspection data, and processing the data can be slow.  Identifying this challenge, LR is deploying digital technology and specialised analytics to help transform the way companies inspect and understand an asset’s condition using remote technologies, enabling them to gather data more quantitatively and make faster, more informed decisions.

We are the first classification society to develop a data platform with capabilities specifically dedicated to managing digital inspection data collected remotely or via UAS.  Capable of storing vast amounts of visual data in a secure manner, our cloud based platform incorporates data management, visualisation and reporting.  Advanced analytics can then be applied to make searching information easier and provide benchmarking and insight into asset and fleet condition, performance optimisation and maintenance planning. 

The approach we take

LR takes an agile and collaborative approach to innovation, leveraging our core inspection expertise and best in class technology partners to deliver inspection services in new ways.  We work with our customers to understand their specific challenges and needs and create a proof of concept, that way we can ensure the right outcome for our customers.

From helping you select the right type of remote presence technology, choosing a service provider who is best in class, the inspection planning and process right through to data aggregation, management and analytics, we can help you use remote inspection technologies effectively to unlock value in your business operations.

To explore your specific challenges and understand how to best utilise remote inspection technologies, contact us today


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