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Investment advisory services

Evaluate the options. Invest intelligently.

We provide integrated commercial and technical advice to help you make informed investment, divestment, borrowing and lending related decisions.


Marine and energy assets are essentially potential cash flows bounded by physical reality.  At LR, we understand that acquisitions, investments and divestments you make carry a significant amount of financial and security risk. 

As part of a transaction, knowing the value of what you are buying or selling is crucial and having accurate information is key to your decision making process. Integrating commercial, financial and technical analysis avoids errors of omission and misunderstanding as well as saving time and cost. 

What we offer

Whether you’re an investor, lender, asset owner or operator, we provide you with commercial, financial and technical analysis of marine and energy assets to assist you in executing investment decisions. Our services are used for transactions relating to both purchasing and selling; from the marketing phase through to due diligence, agreement negotiation and close; for analysis and valuation of options for internal capital budgeting decisions; in the identification, planning and execution of new (greenfield) assets and in the commercialisation of new technologies when assisting with fund-raising. 

Typically, a description of the physical reality comes in the form of a thick report and no context as to the economic consequences or drivers.  Frustration ensues, much time is wasted and worse still, errors of omission and understanding are made when you and your financial advisors attempt to get to grips with the typical technical report.   

Missing out on entering a second round bidding phase because you undervalued an asset is as worrying as over-paying for an asset.  Marine and energy assets are complex physical arrangements with big cash flow implications and the two are frequently not well linked during any evaluation. In an internal capital budgeting situation, accurate evaluation is equally essential for correct decision-making.   

We combine our deep technical specialist knowledge, ranging from well to refinery and power generation, with financial modelling supported by our in-house economist as well as market and financial specialists, to help you make better and more informed investment decisions.

What are the benefits?

  • Understand the condition and life expectancy of assets
  • Make better investment decisions
  • Make more informed lending decisions
  • Identification and better management of risk
  • Identify new revenue sources
  • Help negotiate optimum sales prices
  • Safer more efficient operations
  • Realistic CAPEX and OPEX estimates
  • Enhanced reliability of financial performance

Why choose LR?

We bridge the gap which frequently exists between the technical and the financial, with a deep pool of subject matter experts. Don’t just take our word for it, we have advised on many of the largest Oil and Gas deals in the past decade, are recognised by mayor banks and investors as credible commercial advisor on upstream projects and accredited by all major stock exchanges for reserve reporting.

Our large team of experts with extensive international knowledge will provide you with fast and reliable advice on investment and divestment risks, opportunities and value.

Lloyd's Register is wholly independent with no vested interests in equipment suppliers, fabrication facilities or asset owners. This means that we provide a trusted, confidential, impartial and informed view to clients, investors and regulatory bodies, free from compromise or prejudice.

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What we think

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