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Cloud Fleet Manager Modules


Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM) is a cloud- and web-based ERP service that runs on the MS Azure platform. Scalable, secure, transparent and intuitively usable it delivers instant global access to reliable data and consistent business processes for shipping or ship management companies. Extensible via more than 30 pre-integrated modules, Cloud Fleet Manager plugs smoothly into your legacy applications and databases.

To enable the efficient collaboration between office staff and crews at sea, CFM is supplemented by Cloud Ship Manager (CSM). Cloud Ship Manager is the equivalent on board to Cloud Fleet Manager on shore. It integrates your fleet directly into all processes, is intuitively usable and enables your crew, to capture data at sea and to forward it to the office. Through this, your crew on board and your personnel on shore fuse to jointly acting teams.

Don't just stay connected with your fleet, empower your colleagues to become an active part of your ship management processes. Cloud Ship Manager makes sure all data from or to the CFM is synchronised fast and automatically.

CFM Cloud Ship Manager module screenshot

Cloud Organisation

Cloud Organisation is Cloud Fleet Manager's base platform. With nine modules, it’s the foundation package that helps you manage employees, vessels, suppliers and clients – wherever they or you are. Working from a single version of the truth, onshore staff can search for and locate vital information in seconds.

Synchronisation with offshore data via our Cloud Ship Manager ensures the fullest company picture is always in front of your management team. That global integration also keeps vessel crews informed and involved, from where they will bunker next to urgent inspection requests.



  • Portal

    With Portal, every onshore employee has a clear dashboard view of the latest, more relevant and most important information on staff, departments and ships. Whether it's a crew change, expired certificates or staff absence, you can efficiently identify critical incidents and prioritise your response.

    CFM Portal screenshot

  • Employees

    Make all staff information visible and accurate with Employees. Define regular working days and hours, vacation entitlement, job description and contact details. Allocate and check current and pending time off. With a reliable shared view based on your company structure, you can minimise the time required for workforce supervision.

    CFM Employees module screenshot

  • Users

    Manage new and existing Cloud Fleet Manager and Partner Portal users in this module. Templates make it swift and straightforward to define new user profiles, authorise access to apps and assign responsibilities.

    CFM Users module screenshot

  • Companies

    Maintain master records of vessel owners and other linked businesses along with their management contacts, banking details, relevant documents and company structure. You can be certain your staff always employ the most up-to-date company information.

    CFM companies module screenshot

  • Templates

    Create, store and update all your business forms, from employment contracts and purchase orders to charter invoices and vacation requests. With only approved versions available to staff in Templates, consistent form layouts and content remove any chance of error or misunderstanding.

    CFM Templates module screenshot

  • Particulars

    Record and maintain information on every vessel, from dimensions and capacities to the on-board IT. Visualise your current fleet using dashboards or print off vessel-specific data sheets. All Cloud Fleet Manager's other modules link to the master list in Particulars, improving business data quality.

    CFM Particulars module screenshot

  • Ports

    One place for all port master data helps you find contact details and other information quickly. Define if ports are in war zones and forewarn your crew. Ports is integrated with Findaport.com, listing over 9,700 ports, harbours and terminals worldwide.

    CFM Ports module screenshot

  • Yards

    Access yard data like dock dimensions and contact details, then share it across the business. Do they build or repair? Comment on and rate every yard you work with to inform future decisionmaking.

    CFM Yards module screenshot

  • Partner portal

    Partner Portal gives investors, contractors and partners secure, read-only access to internal information like vessel schedules, crew lists and contact details. By making them part of internal processes, collaboration becomes more efficient and productive.

    CFM Partner portal module screenshot


Using APIs, Cloud Fleet Manager connects easily to other LR applications and to your legacy systems. You can easily import data from third-party software, letting Cloud Fleet Manager act as the master database for all fleet information.

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