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Round 1 Challenges and Successful Startups

Human Safety Onboard

Round 1 Overview: The nature of marine and offshore, and the environments in which these industries operate, can be particularly dangerous. Although conditions for crew and personnel are improving, there is more to be done to improve the safety of life on board ships and floating platforms. Round 1 sought innovative digital ideas to find ways to create safer work environments, featuring two industry-wide challenges and two challenges with industry challenge partners Gassco and Kotug.


Challenge: Detecting minor leaks in complex industrial environments

Set in conjunction with Gassco

Leaks of hydrocarbons or gasses in complex industrial environments can have a profound impact on workers’ health and the environment but the current industry standard method to detect minor leaks is a static, costly and lengthy process.

This challenge, set in conjunction with the Norwegian state-owned gas transportation company, Gassco, seeks innovative new methods to enable crew to rapidly identify, quantify and respond to minor leaks, such as from tubing and valves, in complex industrial environments as part of the daily operation of the facility.


eLichens are designers of patented gas sensors and the first comprehensive air quality analysis and prediction platform, eLichens is a start-up with a mission to help individuals digitize their environment. The company relies on a portfolio of patents, know-how and skills which enable it to develop and market complete sensor and data services solutions to address the industrial, smart home, smart city and consumer markets.

Multisensor Scientific has developed an advanced imaging capability for detecting, visualizing & quantifying methane leaks throughout the natural gas supply chain. By utilizing unique, commercially available infrared detector materials, low-cost electronics and an intuitive user interface, everyone from the wellhead to municipal utilities will be able to locate and measure leaks in real-time.

Rebellion Photonics offers the only system in the world that can both identify and quantify gas releases in real time. Rebellion’s Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI) product family utilizes proprietary hyperspectral imaging technology with advanced detection algorithms to pinpoint the source and measure the volume and concentration of leaks

Winner: Multisensor Scientific


Challenge: Navigating Gas Vapour Clouds

Set in conjunction with Kotug

Infield Support Vessels (ISVs ) or tugs help maneuver fuel carriers alongside Floating Liquified Natural Gas (FLNG) facilities but while in close range of the FNLG they can be at risk of exposure to potentially explosive gas clouds. To prevent explosions, ISV’s are fitted with systems which shut down the vessel if it enters a gas cloud of a particular density. This prevents the ISV from being a source of ignition but leaves the ISV uncontrollable, which can lead to other risks such as collision with the FLNG facility or the tanker.

This challenge set in conjunction with Kotug, a leading provider of safe harbour and terminal towage services, seeks innovative new methods to detect and visualise gas clouds, enabling an ISV or other vessels to avoid a gas cloud altogether and sail around it.


Rebellion Photonics offers the only system in the world that can both identify and quantify gas releases in real time. Rebellion’s Gas Cloud Imaging (GCI) product family utilizes proprietary hyperspectral imaging technology with advanced detection algorithms to pinpoint the source and measure the volume and concentration of leaks.

NeuroControls is an engineering service provider with knowledge and expertise of advanced neuromorphic technology. We enable your company to implement artificial intelligence in sensors. By offering neuromorphic sensor solutions on silicon we turn any kind of sensor into a cognitive autonomous device. We are specialized in fast cognition, evolutionary learning and anomaly detection and teach sensors any kind of data or signal stream.

Indrio Technologies make advanced laser-based sensors, poised to disrupt a 32B chemical detection iot space. They're 1000x faster, calibration-free, and signnificantly more accurate than existing sensor technologies. Indrio's vision is to provide the world a new direction in chemical sensing.

Winner: NeuroControls


Challenge: Enhancing dynamic risk assessment

Industry-wide challenge

This challenge focusses on the operational aspects of a job risk assessment, rather than the design and planning job risk assessments. Personnel completing a job make their own real-time operational risk assessments, judged by their own risk perception, training and experience. It is also up to them to ensure that all the planning assumptions are still valid.

This industry-wide challenge seeks innovative solutions to keep personnel better informed about operational risks affecting them in real time in their work environment and to transform the current state of risk assessment from a static exercise to a process that is dynamic, intuitive and real-time.


Engineurs provides turnkey engineering procurement construction projects, consultancy for safe and flawless execution during pre-commissioning, start-up and stable operations handover for processing units. They also provide energy demand optimisation for processing units and buildings services including compliance with mandatory European directives such as ESOS in the UK.

AX Semantics develop language generation software designed to turn natural language texts into meaningful content. The company's natural language generation software engages in the development of a cloud-based online content management platform, enabling users to control and optimize automated processes for creating their own contents in multiple languages.

LexaTexer offers predictive analytics, to help corporations direct decision making, by analyzing unstructured information (documents) with machine learning technology. LexaTexer is platform technology which lets you rapidly build data driven applications with a fast time-to-value. LexaTexer supports use cases like risk management, risk assessment, predictive maintenance, and service desk automation.

Winner: LexaTexer


Challenge: Ensuring marine and offshore crew competency.

Industry-wide challenge

The traditional industry approach to ensuring crew competency in marine and offshore work environments has been certification. This challenge aims to develop a more holistic approach to competency that can help ensure that personnel can perform their jobs safely, whether it’s being qualified, receiving the correct training, having the right experience, understanding the processes, having the right equipment, or going about the job in the right way. Adding a more dynamic, real time aspect to crew competency will be critical.

This industry-wide challenge seeks innovative digital solutions to ensure crew are always performing competently, reducing risks and injuries, though monitoring, measuring, advising, ensuring and empowering crew to do their job safely, from having the right preparation to perform a specific task to correctly following procedures.


Bleenco develops of an artificial intelligence software designed to help automotive companies to connect vehicle software with IoT and understand driver behavior. The company's product CarjS offers a holistic toolkit for building cross platform IoT applications and Pitts offers a framework for real time predictive analysis on Iot devices, enabling car manufacturers to enhance in-vehicle experience and prevent crashes.

WORKERBASE uses wearable devices to make manual work in Industry4.0 more efficient. We offer apps for factory workers to improve a wide range of business problems in Manufacturing Operations, Logistics, Quality management, Service and Maintenance. With WORKERBASE you can manage all tasks for manual work and assign workflows to your workers. The system automatically collects data and analytics for process improvements.

Heptasense create easily customisable and embed-friendly software, that tracks and analyses human patterns into their products/applications, without the need for tedious training and calibrations procedures. Current AI technologies rely on millions of data samples and days of training. Most of the time, such data is not available or it has poor quality, making such systems unreliable. 

Winner: Workerbase

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