DANAK accredited test laboratory supports Lloyd’s Register’s vision for a safer environment

Lloyd’s Register Consulting in Denmark received the ISO 17025 DANAK accreditation recently and is now registered as an accredited test laboratory for performing both laboratory and field noise and vibration measurements in offshore oil and gas, marine, rail, and other industries. 

The accreditation enables Lloyd’s Register Consulting to do worldwide accredited noise and vibration measurements, as recommended in the new IMO regulations on noise on ships.

The accreditation covers a wide range of standards, including:

  • Noise and vibration surveys
  • Sound insulation
  • Impact noise
  • Acoustics
  • Underwater noise
  • Laboratory declaration measurements of construction elements

It is generally understood by industry that excessive vibration – whether engine, propeller or other machinery – reduces the life expectancy of machinery and equipment, as well as inducing structural fatigue. Lloyd’s Register Consulting’s noise and vibration expertise fully explores all the machinery, HVAC and hydrodynamic influences on the problems and offers solutions, not least the impact of noise and vibration on humans and marine life – expected to be the next big regulatory challenge for the industry.

The DANAK stamp of approval is recognition of the high quality level of work and procedures of Lloyd’s Register Consulting. The company is now able to offer expertise across an even broader scope of work and on noise and vibration analysis projects for offshore and deep water applications.

For more information, please contact jason.knights@lr.org.