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Additive Manufacturing

With additive manufacturing, we go beyond R&D.

Additive manufacturing laser

We can help you move additive manufacturing from theory to reality, with our path to market for certified parts.

From pharmaceuticals to aerospace, several industries have already adopted additive manufacturing, thanks to its high level of precision combined with potential production cost savings.

However, only recently has the practice of metal additive manufacturing become a more viable technique for making components in industrial manufacturing. Part of the reason is that it's hard to come up with a process that's consistently good - and safe.

With our deep history in manufacturing, we're working with industry partners to help companies provide proof of their AM parts' integrity through third-party certification and inspection.

We provide a part certification service for all industries, from marine class-related parts, to oil and gas upstream and downstream.

Our part certification involves assessing all aspects of the process, including design, material, facility, post-processing and testing.

You can read more here.

LR AM part certification

We certify AM feedstock, including powder and wire. 

This involves witnessing powder characterisation testing, as well as performing assessments against material specification requirements.

This facility audit by our trained experts includes a review of existing approvals, processes, and procedures. 

If the facility passes, we issue an AM Quality Scheme Approval certificate.

LR Additive Manufacturing Facility Approval Mark

Are you operationalised for additive manufacturing?

Our courses help manufacturers integrate AM certification into their business-as-usual processes.

In addition, we provide a comprehensive overview of AM processes, codes, standards, and certification.

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"A gateway to the future"

Additively manufactured and certified part

LR certifies first additively manufactured part for oil and gas

Proof that AM leads to innovation, this pipeline manifold component could not have been manufactured any other way.

Read more about this industry milestone.
Additive manufacturing laser

For companies adopting additive manufacturing, our guidelines lead the way.

LR and TWI have written these guidelines to help manufacturers forge a path for AM part certification.

Download the document here.

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