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DCP Midstream

Plastic Pipeline Detection.

Construction of a pipeline

The Challenge

Transporting a variety of liquid and gaseous products under the ground, pipelines are vital energy transmission systems found globally. Successfully locating non-steel pipes, made from Poly, PVC or Fiberglass, is a huge challenge for the Oil and Gas industry, as well as the Utility, Industrial, Commercial and Residential industries. Unlike iron or steel piping, which can be easily located with metal detectors, plastic pipe is non-conductive and not easily detectable.

The products transported in pipelines are extremely volatile and under high pressure; a line strike can potentially result in significant injury or loss of life. Therefore, pipeline location is one of the most important jobs for any pipeline operator, ensuring the safety of people, facilities and equipment during construction, municipal works, excavations or directional drills. This challenge, set in conjunction with major US pipeline operator DCP Midstream, sought innovative digital solutions to accurately pinpoint the location of Poly, PVC and Fiberglass underground pipelines, to reduce injuries, damage and releases caused by line strikes. The successfull solution should have had the capability for long range pipe locates, including under paved conditions.

The Winner

DCP Midstream selected Stolar Global Imaging as the winner for this challenge.  The startup specializes in a unique and proprietary suite of "Radio-Geophysics" instruments for underground and borehole radiowave mapping. The startup's AMG technology solution has a long and succesful history of detecting large and deep non-metal targets, allowing data gathered through mapping equipment to be readily available. 


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