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Cloud Fleet Manager Technical information.


Cloud Fleet Manager is a cloud ERP service that runs on the MS Azure platform. Scalable and secure, it delivers instant global access to reliable data and consistent business processes for shipping planning and operations.

Extensible via more than 20 pre-integrated modules, Cloud Fleet Manager plugs smoothly into your legacy applications and databases. Cloud Ship Manager synchronises offshore vessel ERP data with onshore operations, making crew and officers part of your day-to-day business activities.

CFM Cloud Ship Manager module screenshot

Cloud Organisation

Cloud Organisation is Cloud Fleet Manager's base platform. With nine modules, it’s the foundation package that helps you manage employees, vessels, suppliers and clients – wherever they or you are. Working from a single version of the truth, onshore staff can search for and locate vital information in seconds.

Synchronisation with offshore data via our Cloud Ship Manager ensures the fullest company picture is always in front of your management team. That global integration also keeps vessel crews informed and involved, from where they will bunker next to urgent inspection requests.



  • Portal

    With Portal, every onshore employee has a clear dashboard view of the latest, more relevant and most important information on staff, departments and ships. Whether it's a crew change, expired certificates or staff absence, you can efficiently identify critical incidents and prioritise your response.

    CFM Portal screenshot

  • Employees

    Make all staff information visible and accurate with Employees. Define regular working days and hours, vacation entitlement, job description and contact details. Allocate and check current and pending time off. With a reliable shared view based on your company structure, you can minimise the time required for workforce supervision.

    CFM Employees module screenshot

  • Users

    Manage new and existing Cloud Fleet Manager and Partner Portal users in this module. Templates make it swift and straightforward to define new user profiles, authorise access to apps and assign responsibilities.

    CFM Users module screenshot

  • Companies

    Maintain master records of vessel owners and other linked businesses along with their management contacts, banking details, relevant documents and company structure. You can be certain your staff always employ the most up-to-date company information.

    CFM companies module screenshot

  • Templates

    Create, store and update all your business forms, from employment contracts and purchase orders to charter invoices and vacation requests. With only approved versions available to staff in Templates, consistent form layouts and content remove any chance of error or misunderstanding.

    CFM Templates module screenshot

  • Particulars

    Record and maintain information on every vessel, from dimensions and capacities to the on-board IT. Visualise your current fleet using dashboards or print off vessel-specific data sheets. All Cloud Fleet Manager's other modules link to the master list in Particulars, improving business data quality.

    CFM Particulars module screenshot

  • Ports

    One place for all port master data helps you find contact details and other information quickly. Define if ports are in war zones and forewarn your crew. Ports is integrated with Findaport.com, listing over 9,700 ports, harbours and terminals worldwide.

    CFM Ports module screenshot

  • Yards

    Access yard data like dock dimensions and contact details, then share it across the business. Do they build or repair? Comment on and rate every yard you work with to inform future decisionmaking.

    CFM Yards module screenshot

  • Partner portal

    Partner Portal gives investors, contractors and partners secure, read-only access to internal information like vessel schedules, crew lists and contact details. By making them part of internal processes, collaboration becomes more efficient and productive.

    CFM Partner portal module screenshot


Over 20 modules grouped into seven packages further extend Cloud Fleet Manager's ERP platform with powerful line-of-business functionality. Pre-integrated and working from the same master database, we can rapidly switch on and configure each module as required. Buy only the tools you need, when you need them with no need to upgrade hardware.

Every module on board employs Cloud Ship Manager to intelligently synchronise offshore vessel data and processes with our onshore applications. With a complete, real-time and consistent view of fleet data and operations, onboard crew and onshore staff can work in close partnership.

Cloud Operation

Our Cloud Operation modules deliver clear processes and uniform data to support effective and economical company-wide cooperation. Be confident that you're always in full control of your fleet.



  • Charter

    Charter gives you everything you need to quickly and easily plan and maintain your vessels' charters. Draw up contracts in a few steps and create invoices automatically. Forecast earnings from charter agreements. Live links to partner and scheduling data plus sophisticated reporting means your finger is always on your fleet's pulse.

    CFM Charter module screenshot

  • Offhires & claims

    Keep accurate records of your vessels' offhires, the reasons for them, any charterer claims and the related costs. Automated KPIs and reporting make vessel availability clear, demonstrate performance and help you recognise where you need to take action.

    CFM Offhires & Claims module screenshot

  • Schedule & Agents

    Organise your fleet's schedules and agent master data in one shared resource. Be alert to cancelled schedules, upcoming tasks like bunkering or challenges like war risk ports. With Schedule & Agents, employees work with crews to access and update information promptly and accurately.

    CFM Schedule & Agents module screenshot

  • World Map

    Map your global fleet locations for full visibility of operational schedules, time zones and risks. Receive messages automatically as soon as your ships enter or leave a defined war zone. Using geographic searches, you can gather details on companies, ships and harbours with a single click.

    CFM World Map module screenshot

Cloud Technical

Our Cloud Technical modules help you exploit Cloud Fleet Manager's global data integration abilities to the full. With shared information and processes that span sea and land, crews and onshore staff work hand in hand to deal with service requests, inspections, reports and certificates.



  • Blog

    Facilitate onboard crew communication and share knowledge across your entire fleet with the Blog module. Highlight important messages and exchange information on harbours, awkward regulations or other useful intelligence.

    CFM Blog module screenshot

  • Disturbance Report

    Handle service requests efficiently, with no need for email. Crew use Disturbance Report to generate detailed, standardised service requests that appear automatically within onshore managers' dashboards. To resolve the issue, they can then share the request with other users, monitor progress and communicate with all participants.

    CFM Disturbance report module screenshot

  • Inspection Report and Inspections & Audits

    Streamline technical and nautical inspections with Inspection Report. Users capture observations directly on mobile devices, attach pictures, take notes, then synchronise the report with our cloud platform. Your managers can then edit and finalise the report within the Inspections & Audits module.

    CRM Inspection Report App screenshot

    CFM Inspection & Audits Module screenshot

  • Daily Report

    With one concise overview, Daily Report helps you quickly absorb the most important updates on your teams and fleet. Filter categorised announcements by teams and vessels, drill down for more detail and attach files or comment on every action.

    CFM Daily Report module screenshot

  • Certificates

    Make sure your certificates are always up-to-date and available for retrieval. Receive intelligent reminders well before expiry. Certificates makes it simple to delegate responsibility for updates directly to departments or offshore crews, with clear reporting showing all certificates' current status.

    CFM Certificates module screenshot

Cloud QHSE

Be confident your offshore equipment and working practices are up to scratch. With our Cloud QHSE modules, vessel crews comply with defined standards and share their data with colleagues onshore. Automated processing and reporting minimises management effort, supports compliance and enhances HSE performance.



  • Inspection & Audits

    In this module, you can edit notes first captured through Inspection Report. Decide whether to initiate preventive or corrective actions, then send a task list to crew members for fault rectification. See clearly how work progresses, schedule future reviews and use templates to build inspection questionnaires.

    CFM Inspection & Audits Module screenshot

  • Incidents

    Crew document any on-board incidents and near misses in Incidents then, following synchronisation in Cloud Ship Manager, onshore staff view their report. You can categorise each event, with KPIs helping to compare incidents and initiate improvements. Create a valuable company knowledge base, formulate best practice responses and reduce the chances of future incidents.

    CFM Incidents module screenshot

  • Circulars

    Create, maintain and send circulars quickly and easily to the whole fleet or specific vessels. With automatic read notification, you know when instructions and advice have reached every intended recipient – on or offshore.

    CFM Circulars module screenshot

  • Risk Assessment

    Assess the risk for any operation from ballast water replacement to welding, then use it to allocate danger levels to every onboard situation. You can store, update and report on each risk assessment, with vessel crews also able to access them to base their decision-making on.

    CFM Risk Assessment module screenshot

Cloud Crewing

Connect on and offshore teams to collaborate on every aspect of crew administration. Prepare on-board payroll and expenses in line with complex international and company-specific standards. Manage personal data, plan shifts and schedule crew changes. With detailed reporting and auditing, Crewing also caters for specialist nautical requirements like the officer‘s matrix for tanker crewing and rest period documentation.

CFM Cloud Crewing module screenshot

Cloud Purchase

Make every part of your order process visible to optimise procurement, purchasing, and planning. Use integrated web forms to accept supplier responses then compare offers, select a seller and action approval immediately. With real-time budget information and detailed reports on stock levels, Purchase supports ultra-efficient logistics across onshore warehousing and offshore vessels.

CFM Cloud Purchase module screenshot


Comply easily with European Commission requirements to monitor, report and verify your fleet's CO2 emissions or the IMO-DCS. MRV & IMO DCS helps your crews regularly record vessel data like time at sea and bunker consumption. It synchronises and processes that data on our cloud platform, then sends the information to the relevant authorities – quickly and seamlessly.

With total visibility, both crew and onshore staff can keep track of your fleet's emission reports. Upgrading MRV & IMO DCS to our enhanced Event Reporting module gives additional key metrics, helping you monitor your overall fleet performance and increase it sustainably.

CFM MRV & IMO DCS module screenshot

Cloud maintenance

Take full ownership of fleet upkeep with our Maintenance module. Use this Planned Maintenance System (PMS) to schedule work centrally in line with each user’s requirements. Define jobs for individual equipment and vessels, or create generic tasks for automatic assignment across your whole fleet.


Prioritise jobs and reschedule work at short notice. Set predicted costs with cash flow planning and ensure tasks are distributed evenly amongst staff for maximum efficiency. With PMS information visible across the business, you can be confident fleet servicing is under full control.

CFM Cloud Maintenance module screenshot


Using APIs, Cloud Fleet Manager connects easily to other LR applications and to your legacy systems. You can easily import data from third-party software, letting Cloud Fleet Manager act as the master database for all fleet information.

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