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Cloud Organisation

The Organisation package offers you everything you need to enter and administrate your core data at a central point. All relevant data is shared automatically throughout all modules. From the creation and administration of users and employees to the management of vessel particulars, ports, yards and partners - everything is available in one place. Once entered, all users have access to one single pool of information. Whether you need insights into the schedules of your fleet, vessel consumption charts or your colleagues’ absences - all information is reliable and centrally accessible for you at the right time and place you need it.

  • Portal

    With CFM Portal, all your employees have access to one central source of information. Every onshore user has a clear dashboard view of the latest and most important information on staff, departments and ships right at the beginning of the workday. Whether it’s a crew change, expired certificates or staff absences, you can efficiently identify critical incidents and prioritise your response. Acting as your starting point for all other modules, CFM Portal ensures a successful start of your day.

    CFM portal


  • CFM Go

    CFM Go makes sure that you won't miss any important event and enables you to access all data from CFM Portal comfortably on the move using your smartphone. Always be aware of recent activities, immediately gain insights into the statuses of your vessels, news of the fleet or access any other information from the Portal. Say goodbye to tedious communication processes to exchange information, simply open CFM Go and you are all set.

  • Partner Portal

    Let your partners, investors and contractors securely access read-only internal information like vessel schedules, crew lists and contact details. By making them part of internal processes, collaboration becomes more efficient and productive. Just share the individual login details and your partners can easily access data from a desktop or mobile browser. Exchanging information using emails will be a thing of the past.

    Partner portal


  • Files

    With CFM Files you can keep all your relevant data in one place and make it centrally available to employees in the office as well as your vessels at sea. Whether images, videos, audio or text files, simply upload your data to CFM Files and make it available to colleagues and crews – regardless of time or location. It is also possible to make specific files available for external partners through CFM Partner Portal, easing collaboration and exchange of information. To enhance clarity, you can structure your files using folders or by simply using categories. By creating templates, you also have the option to pre-define folder structures for vessels or specific vessel types, enhancing data consistency.

  • Employees

    Make all staff information visible and accurate with CFM Employees. Organise your staff within departments, define regular working days and hours, vacation entitlement, job description and contact details. Manage holidays, travels and any other absence of your employees within a single view.

    CFM employees


  • Users

    Manage new and existing Cloud Fleet Manager and CFM Partner Portal users in one module. Grant access to the available modules, assign responsibilities to vessels or simply use predefined templates to set up a new user with just a few clicks. With the available reports and dashboards, you get interesting insights on usage and used devices.

    CFM users


  • Companies

    Maintain master records of vessel companies and other linked businesses along with their management contacts, banking details, relevant documents and company structure. With CFM Companies you can be certain your staff always has the correct information at hand.

    CFM companies


  • Templates

    CFM Templates is the collection of all your templates. Hamper differences in layouts and simplify the understanding on both your customers’ and your side. We offer you all templates for the respective departments of your company. Whether employment contracts, order forms, voyage or time charter invoices, vacation requests or generic forms. With CFM Templates you are all geared up.

  • Vessel Particulars

    With CFM Vessel Particulars you set up the foundation for your successful vessel management. Record and maintain a vast amount of specific data for every vessel and let your departments benefit from data such as dimensions, capacities, propulsion, consumptions or delivery information for a smooth acceleration of their individual businesses. Share your vessel particulars with charterers, crew recruitment or other service providers and become even faster in making the right decisions - say goodbye to a variety of fleet lists scattered across the company.

    Vessel Particulars


  • Ports & Yards

    One place for all port and yards' master data helps you find contact details and other information quickly. Define if ports are in war zones and forewarn your crew. Access yard data like dock dimensions and contact details without the need to request information.



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