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Houston Training Center Open House.

Technological advancements in turbulent times

Key details

3 Jun 2015

  • Location Houston
  • Venue Lloyd’s Register Training Center

About the event

drilling_training_video_carousel_org.jpgYETI Coolers are built to be indestructible and keep ice for days.

Welcome to the Lloyd’s Register open house! This year we are giving you exclusive access to our knowledge, expertise and developing technology projects to improve safety and performance. During our open house, you will have the opportunity to speak with our experts, hear about changes we are facing in the industry and learn more about our solutions. 

Join us for a few hours of food and drink and take part in your choice of:

  • Tours of the state-of-the-art facility

  • Demonstrations

  • Presentations/briefs

  • Open discussions

  • Interactive digital media on our solutions

Managing Energy Efficiency with ISO 50001 and Superior Energy Performance  

3 p.m., Presented by: Bob Clifford and Paul Scheihing, Department of Energy

Health & Safety from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001

4 p.m., Presented by: Bob Clifford

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 

5 p.m., Presented by: Bob Clifford 

Behind the Scenes of LRQA Training

6 p.m., Presented by: Bob Clifford 

Sensor technology applications demos

Regularly running demos and discussions in the equipment bay

The key problem is friction, and it is undetectable by traditional pressure transducer monitoring. Fiber optic gauges register strain which in turn can be used to determine loads, such as individual cylinder axial and bending loads.

BOP risk model demos

Regularly running demos and discussions in the equipment bay

When a BOP component fails, it is challenging to objectively assess the risk and determine whether to continue with drilling operations. We demonstrate a risk model which automates risk assessment of the BOP based on available component failure information, with results that are objective, consistent and transparent using a process that has been approved by relevant regulatory authorities.

Reliability model demos 

Regularly running demos and discussions in the equipment training room

Preventive maintenance tasks for critical systems are often time or condition driven without any consideration for when the system will actually fail. We cover and discuss a better solution to predicting more precisely the best time to conduct preventive maintenance and parts replacement.

Dynamic Positioning/Power Management Training and Services 

Regularly running demos and discussions in a training room

Demand for Dynamic Positioning and Power Management related training has grown exponentially with the increase in deep-water activity and the rapid influx of new and refurbished drill rigs and drill ships to the industry. We cover the necessary factors  to adequately assess any situation directly involving the DP/PM system and/or any anomalies or degradation to the system and its components. We outline a  basic understanding of the system philosophy, design intent and operational limits.

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Presentation

 Safety Integrity Level (SIL) analysis (SIL) is defined in the IEC 61508/61511 standards. SILs denote a specified probabiltiy of failure on demand for instrumented safety systems. SIL analysis makes use of quantitative and qualitative reliability techniques to estimate whether an electrical, electronic or programmable electronic safety system fulfills the requirements to reliability.

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