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CE marking for manufacturers: Training that adapts to you.

The CE mark is a symbol we see every day on any number of products, from your electric kettle to the screen or device you’re reading this article on. CE marking is a key indicator of a product’s compliance with European Union (EU) health, safety and environmental protection directives and regulations. It is essentially a passport for your product to be advertised or placed on the market within the EU. 

Did you know that last year, the European Commission launched a number of revisions to ensure products requiring the CE mark are compliant and safe? These revisions also call for stricter market surveillance and checking at customs - therefore it is more important now than ever to make sure your staff understand the CE marking scope, process and penalties for non-compliance.

If your company is like most that LR works with, you likely have a wide range of experience and knowledge among your staff. Providing training is probably also a challenge, because while one may need a refresher course; the other may want to focus on specific elements within CE marking. Would you send them all to the same training course?

That’s why LR has launched a new, adaptive online training course which acts as an umbrella introduction to CE marking and a number of EC Directives that industrial companies need to consider. This includes PED, SPVD, MD, ATEX, EMC, LVD and CPR. A key difference you’ll experience (compared to traditional online training) is that the course will adapt to each participant, based on his or her knowledge level, confidence and needs.


The objectives of LR's CE marking course are to help anyone in your company involved in the design, development, production, selling and administration of products understand and navigate the numerous terms, requirements and steps to placing equipment onto the European market. It’s critical that organisations understand that CE marking is a ‘team effort’ to achieving product compliance, where every team member must understand their role and responsibilities.

LR’s blended online approach brings together a winning combination of training experiences from a trusted expert.

  • By using questions to measure confidence and understanding, our adaptive e-learning engine (powered by Area9 Learning) skips over content the learner knows well, cuts training time by an average of 50%, and focuses the learner on content they are less familiar with - helping them apply what they've learned to the job.

  • We hold regular ‘virtual classroom’ sessions via interactive webinars and an online message board that let learners pose questions, seek answers and collaborate with your trainers and classmates. This keeps the learning experience dynamic by ensuring that new or commonly challenging topics can be addressed in real-time with experts via chat, a call or videoconference. 

  • For those who want further support, we offer 1:1 technical support with our EU regulatory and manufacturing experts.

  • Upon completion of the  course, a certificate of completion is released.

Our course is available now in three different product packages (Standard, Plus and Personalised). Try it out yourself, for free.

If you’d like to discuss the course with our specialist team, get in touch via elearning@lr.org.


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