Certificates of fitness for the Deep Panuke platform

Project background

The Deep Panuke platform is approximately 250km off the coast of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Deep Panuke produces and exports market-ready, processed natural gas to shore through a 22” subsea pipeline. Landfall is close to Goldboro, Nova Scotia, with onward interconnection with Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline (M&NP) for markets in Canada and the US. The export pipeline is around 176km in length.

Deep Panuke comprises:

  • four production wells and one disposal well
  • a subsea system, including wellhead trees, wellhead protection structures, flowlines and umbilicals
  • a jack-up platform, Production Field Centre (PFC), in a water depth of approximately 44m
  • gas export pipeline (GEP), including a subsea isolation valve and protection structure and onshore facilities.

Production includes significant gas sweetening plant and compression of separated acid gas (hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide) for re-injection using the disposal well.

Production is anticipated to continue into the 2020s. Over the life of Deep Panuke, up to 25.1 E9M3 (892 Bcf) of natural gas could be produced through a facility sized for a peak gas rate of 8.5 E6M3/d (300 MMscf/d).

How we helped

We are the Certifying Authority for Deep Panuke. Assigned by the regulator Canada Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board (CNSOPB), our role is to oversee the operator's activities associated with the design, construction, transportation, installation, tie-in, commissioning and operation of assets.

In compliance with the approved scope of work and applicable regulatory requirements and associated codes and standards, we have been responsible for confirming if the platform:

  • is designed, constructed, transported and installed or established in accordance with the standards required by the Regulations
  • is fit for the purpose for which it is to be used and can be operated safely without polluting the environment

  • will continue to meet the requirements above for the period of validity of this Certificate if the installation is maintained in accordance with the inspection, maintenance and weight control programmes submitted to, and approved by, the Certifying Authority.

Certification gained

As a result of the above activities, we issued Certificates of Fitness (COF) for Deep Panuke assets, as shown in the diagram below.