The UK Government Minister in charge of the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Charles Hendry, MP, supported by Energy’s newly appointed Director, John Wishart, provided the opening speeches to a packed agenda with a cross-section of media editors in attendance.

Discussions centred on many of the game-changers and insights that are shaping the future of the Energy industry, with presentations on:

  • The energy mix in the 21st century by Simon Reeve, Lloyd’s Register’s Power Sector Director
  • The Government’s agenda on current energy challenges by Charles Hendry, MP

  • Developments in geopolitics of Arctic resources  by Professor Klaus Dodds, Royal Holloway, University of London

  • Market dynamics for Floating Offshore Installations (FOI)  by Chris Walters, Lloyd’s Register’s  Director of FOI

  • The bottom line: saving the oil and gas operators millions  by Andrew Scott, Lloyd’s Register's RBMI Director

  • Organisational integrity: making sure equipment, people and systems all work properly  by Dan Lock, Lloyd's Register Scandpower’s Technical Lead for Human Factors

  • A new concept to effectively manage decision-making on blow-out preventers  by Inge Alme, Lloyd’s Register Scandpower's Technical Director

Jason Knights, Energy's Global Communications Manager said: "We are aiming for Lloyd’s Register to become a meeting house for the energy companies and communities worldwide, where people can ask: what do our best possible futures look like and how do we get there? This special evening focused on providing insight in to some of the many challenges faced by the upstream oil and gas sector."

Each of the presentations given throughout the evening highlighted that safety is not a one-time event, it is an ongoing process that needs to be built into every organisation's commitment to the wider community, as "Industry's challenges are as much social and political as they are technical," commented Jason.