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Lloyd's Register unveils latest IP™ and IC™ software releases.


We are pleased to announce a coordinated new release of our industry-leading well data interpretation tool, IP™ and our powerful subsurface data visualisation package, IC™.

The latest version of IP (4.4) introduces numerous enhancements to the base functionality of the package which will benefit all IP users, as well as enhancements to advanced modules. The changes will provide you with an even more powerful and flexible user experience. Benefits include:

  • Increased control over data with database filter and query tools.
  • Improved interpretation of results with new transparent log-plot zones, cross-plot highlights and a new Ternary cross-plot style.
  • Greater flexibility with new model parameters added to the Mineral Solver module and user defined equations added to the Saturation Height module.
  • Better presentation of results with a new Log Header Editor, 2D and 3D well diagrams and a new log-plot composition module.
  • Powerful new functionality with the Production Logging module upgraded to handle highly deviated and horizontal wells, and new light hydrocarbon and permeability options added to the NMR module.

Paul Spooner, IP Product Champion explains, "With this latest release, IP is more powerful than ever before and offers our clients increased flexibility across their workflows."

IP v4.4 seamlessly connects to our cutting-edge IC software to provide a comprehensive subsurface interpretation suite.

For more information on what's new in IP, please view the presentation on the IP page, or please click here to download the new version of IP version 4.4.

The latest version of IC (2016) includes significant advances in performance, as well as vast improvements in its offering of mapping tools, with greater scope to integrate with external tools.

With a move to a 64-bit platform, the available computing power is greatly increased, making your experience smoother and more efficient. The greater available memory will allow IC 2016 to handle large data-sets far more effectively. This move also brings with it a migration to a more modern standalone database type (SQL Server LocalDB), offering preferential performance over that of MS Access.

IC (2016) will offer a more competitive mapping solution, including:

  • Display and management of faults in 3D space – depth based fault sticks, such as those picked from seismic surfaces, can be imported through files and data links to display on maps, projections, and in 3D, and together with surfaces, show a complete mapped interpretation.
  • Improvements and modifications to gridding surfaces – the addition of three further gridding algorithms brings the package up to the latest industry standards, with more powerful methods allowing pre-modelling data interrogation and analysis. Surfaces can now be modified directly from the map and changes applied with just one click.
  • Streamlined map controls – the introduction of a new dock-able toolbox sidebar that amalgamates two previous controls provides a hub for controlling all aspects of a map. This new map toolbox has been created to allow continuous updates to the map display, and incorporates controls for the new faults and surfaces.
  • Enhanced suite of exporting options – the addition of multiple common export formats, as well as support for GIS compatible formats, adds the capability of showing IC data in web maps and other GIS packages.

The combination of IP and IC offers you a comprehensive solution for a multi-disciplinary team, giving petrophysicists the advanced tools they need for log interpretation, plus the ability to seamlessly correlate and map these results across a field or basin, integrating their work with that of geologists and stratigraphers.

For more information on what's new in IC, please view the presentation on the IC page, or please click here to download the new 2016 version of IC.

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