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Meet Giovanni.

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Meet Giovanni

Based: Trieste

Role: Project Manager

Tenure at LR: 2.5 years

Tell us about your role at LR.

I count myself lucky to have been in three different roles at LR. I started as a Marine & Offshore Surveyor for equipment on components and shipping operations, then from April 2018 I was in charge of Coral South vendor coordination for South Europe. Since September 2019 I joined the central delivery services as Project Manager for compliance projects in Marine & Offshore. I really enjoy it. Maspiration was to become a Project Manager in the Marine & Offshore world and the opportunity I got with Coral South was to move from my Surveyor role to a project management one - which is exactly what happened! This opportunity to work on the Coral South project as a Vendor Coordinator opened a lot of doors for me so I have been quite fortunate. 

As Vendor Coordinator, I have to ensure a consistent approach among all equipment packages, which means that I need to verify that technical requirements are fully understood by our project stakeholders, colleagues onsite, the country managers, the support team as well as the manufacturers. I have to establish a communication line with all lead Surveyors for different packages in our area and collaborate with the global vendor package manager and the project director for Coral South. I have to attend a number of inspection meetings and clarification calls for the equipment packages, and I prepare financial reports for board meetings – we have around 150 equipment packages we are certifying for South Europe. The main challenge is to make sure all findings we discover are addressed and implemented by the site team, as well as to make sure everyone is sending the equipment according to the guidance. This project has given me the opportunity to know a lot of people and establish good relationships within LR at all levels.  

What qualifications or experience did you need for your role?

gained experience for this role while working for five years as a Marine & Offshore Surveyor with a different company. My current role requires a certain amount of technical competency from the get-gohowever as LR prioritises training and development for their employees you also get on-the-job training and are able to attend courses.  

Why did you join LR?

I was looking for a role where I could fulfill my ambitions of becoming a Project Manager and I found that LR was the perfect place for that.   

Why have you stayed at LR?

I have had more career progression in in two years at LR than anywhere else. I have been given the opportunity to really do what I love.  If employees have opportunities to grow, it is more likely that they will stay within that company. I’m constantly looking for new challenges and to feel like I am growing from experiences, meeting people, acquiring qualifications. I can do that at LR.

Describe a typical day at LR?

Hard to say! Nowadays my typical day is addressing all the survey and inspection findings from the equipment as they are ready to be stored but need clear certificates. This is my principle focus as we have agreed a way forward with the main stakeholders. I am also involved in other projects where I have to coordinate the workforce for my files and at the same time be the focal point for clients and their technical queries. There is a lot of activity at the moment, and projects are at various stages.  The life of a Project Manager! 

What has been your proudest moment at LR?

When my Project Director was happy with how I was handling my job in South Europe and expressed his congratulations to our regional management. I was very proud. It was recognition of my work. 

Most interesting technical challenge?

Making sure all the work we have carried out, and its results are addressed, implemented and completed before it is too late. Our job is following the operation and construction from the very beginning of it being manufactured to the sea trials. Everything we find should be implemented so that can be a big challenge, making sure everyone understands and talks to each other.  

What is the best thing about working at LR?

The people, our colleagues. We have open and honest communication and we are truly care about each other. When it comes to health and safety it is really important. I have had continuous contact with our offices and even with COVID impacting everything we touch on, we have daily calls and tea break calls in the afternoon to check in and make sure everyone is okay. How people care about each other is the thing I love most about LR.  


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