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Meet Jasmine.

Read about Jasmine's story at LR.

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Meet Jasmine.

Jasmine is our Head of Performance and Customer Experience for our Inspection Services team. Based in Singapore, she has been at LR for 15 years. 

Tell us more about your role at LR?

I started here in 2004 as a graduate, and now I lead our performance and customer experience team for our inspection services part of the business. I head two departments. One is customer experience which is about improving the client journey in LR for inspection services. This means handling client feedback and looking after the corrective actions. We do surveys, analyse the data wor k on follow up actions. Then there are commercial improvement projects which are there to look at gaps in our process and procedures, ways of doing things, cultural mindsets – we see where the gaps are and work on ways we can improve them. The other part of my role is performance and looking at what we do. 

Why did you join?

My background is in marine and transportation, and when I was a graduate I got a few job offers from shipping companies. Most of my classmates went to shipping companies but I really liked LR because it was different and at the time I wanted to be different from my peers. I felt like I got to know LR was through my professor - everyone  in the marine industry knows the company and my professor really loved LR and kept promoting it, from talking about LR being the first classification society in the world, to defining standards and codes and improving safety. I was really impressed by the values of LR – which at the time was Life Matters, and that we do everything we can to improve the safety of this world, and by the history and values of LR as a company. 

Why did you stay?

When I was looking for an internship job I reached out to LR in China and Shanghai, and asked if they had any internship opportunities. Luckily they did, and I learnt a lot about the organisation. I really liked the people and the work and this is why I decided to stay here. The internship wasn’t about completing basic jobs, I was given a brilliant mentor who guided and mentored me, teaching me all about LR. The people here are really different from other organisations, they really stand out differently. They are really nice, warm and friendly. I feel that I have a lot of friends in LR, not just colleagues. They are really helpful supportive and friendly and want to help you.

I have also been given a lot of opportunity here. I was given some challenging tasks as an intern to help organise events, to be stretched, and to support the business development activities. I have had a lot of opportunities in terms of development and training.  It really helped me to grow professionally. The biggest thing I feel is that I am totally trusted in my role.

What is your proudest moment at LR?

The first proud moment I had was when I had been here for a two years. The biggest challenge I had when I first started was that it didn’t feel open to people who had a non-technical background. They wanted everyone to understand the technical things and recruited people who had that understanding. I came from a non-technical background, the commercial side so I had people questionning what I could do. The business was slowly starting to change and realised that non-technical backgrounds were really important. I was one of the first people to sit in a sales team, before that we didn’t have such teams.  We had sales activites but specific teams for this were new. They didn’t believe that sales teams were needed at the time so it did take some persuading that they did work. Although people were really friendly I did feel feel frustrated that people assumed that what I was doing wouldn’t work – I had a choice, I could leave or prove it would work. I chose the latter and I am really proud that I proved them wrong.

There was another proud moment I had. I joined technical training with surveyors. For me it was to understand the technical things to help my sales activities. The trainer at the end told me to try the examination, even though I didn’t need to. I did it – and I passed. At the same time there were a few surveyors who failed to pass. I felt really proud that I had passed it. 

What has been your biggest achievement?

I was given the opportunity to pass commercial awareness programmes. I was the youngest in that period of time in China to pass that authorisation. I was also able to close a few big deals with clients who had never done business with us. A really big moment for me was after being in sales for 11 years, I was given the opportunity to do innovation and project management for inspection services. I was then given the chance to move to Singapore in a new role which was completely outside my comfort zone but I managed to do it because there were so many things I could do with this role. I am comfortable with clients because I have these relationships established for years. It has been a challenge, going into an area I don’t know well but I am able to learn and share new things with my team. It has really helped me to grow in terms of strategic thinking.

What does International Women's Day mean to you?

I actually would really like to see one day we don’t need a special ‘International Women’s Day’.  Where everyday and everywhere women have the freedom and courage to choose who they really want to be and not be restricted and measured because of their gender. Where women are satisfied with their choice and  not limiting themselves, or sacrificing themselves. Where women are empowered to step up and have their voice heard.

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