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Meet Jojo.

Read about Jojo's story at LR.

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Meet Jojo.

Jojo is the Area Quality Specialist for North Asia. She supports the quality-related activities for the business streams and leads internal audits for our business streams in the area. She is based in Shanghai and joined LR in 2008.

Tell us about your role at LR.

My role as Area Quality Specialist is to support the quality related activities for the business streams in North Asia. I also lead internal audits for all North Asia’s business streams and deal with the findings from those audits and the external audience as well.

I’m proud to say that I’ve been at LR for 12 years. When I joined, I started as Area Quality Administrator for Marine & Offshore. After 4 years, I transferred to the China Technical Quality team where I covered all of China as an area and shared the role with female colleague. In 2017, I was promoted to the Area Quality Specialist for North Asia.

What qualifications or experience did you need for your role?

I wasn’t required to obtain certain qualifications as it was an entry level role. In my current role, I was required to gain certain qualifications which I did so whilst on the job. I received assessor training, comprehensive knowledge of the ISO standards and internal systems. In addition you need to have experience delivering audits, either as a team auditor or in a lead role. Last but not least, you are required to be independent and impartial during audits, you have to tell the truth.

Over the past few years I have learned a lot and received support from my managers to get additional external training so that I could qualify for this role.

Why did you join?

My first role was in a government-led company where I didn’t see any future in my career. I thought it was time for me to change and came across LR. I didn’t know anything about the organisation at the time, my background was in finance but I thought wow, it was a historic company with a great reputation that had a lot of firsts. It looked like a fantastic global opportunity and I applied for the first job I saw.

Why have you stayed at LR?

I found my career path here, grew and developed. I also got support from my manager when I needed it. As a global organisation it has a lot of resources available and managers are happy to back their staff as long as they have the motivation to develop themselves. Another reason I stay is the culture and values of the company. The first impression I had for this company was safety. In China, 12 years ago safety wasn’t seen as that important but this company made me realise how important it was.

What does a typical day look like?

I don’t really have a typical day but let’s use an audit as an example. On the days when I’m not auditing, I’m either dealing with the operation or the findings of the audits but an actual audit day is different.

The morning will start off with an open meeting with stakeholder about the audit. In the meeting, I will introduce the purpose of the audit, how it will be conducted and the agenda for the following days as well as introducing the auditing team. Then we share the jobs within the audit team and who reviews what. I often have interviews with the Office Manager to go through operation, and health and safety management. From those interviews, I find out if they are complying with company requirements. Then, the audit team will have a short team meeting to share the findings and make sure they’re correct. After that, we have a wash up meeting with the auditees to keep them updated on the potential findings so there is no surprise at the end.

What is your proudest moment at LR?

Back in 2012, we were implementing the new ISO 18000 in Greater China. I supported the Area Manager at the time to make sure our team understood the new standards and maintained the documentation required for audits. Finally we passed the external audit with zero findings and I was awarded with a Power of You award. The CEO at the time awarded it to me in front of all my colleagues when he visited China and the photo of that was on the home page of our website. For me, that was a very proud moment.

Most interesting technical challenge?

I always feel challenged with language. English isn’t my first language and it can be a barrier in understanding others and making sure others understand me. I still feel nervous meeting someone for the first time because I am not sure what accent they may have, especially if it is a strong accent. But the more I talk to someone, the more familiar I get with how they speak.

What is the best thing about working at LR?

The people I work with. As an auditor, I meet many people across North Asia. They have all been very professional and knowledgeable in their field. They are not prejudiced about audits which can happen. They’re happy to share information and constructive advice. They are really pleasant to work with, I must say. In other companies, you may find the relationship between the auditor and the technical teams quite complex – auditing is not welcome because people can take it personally. When you walk into a room auditors and auditees are usually on different sides. But at LR when I do the auditing, I found that they are quite open and understand we are just here to find the truth, we aren’t looking for mistakes, just looking to identify that you are meeting requirements

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