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fresh solutions for traditional industries

Fullagar Technologies

Achieving new heights in performance


Fullagar Technologies Ltd is a joint venture combining the advanced welding and NDT expertise of TWI with the technical inspection and verification experience of Lloyd's Register. 

The joint venture delivers innovative inspection systems, products, and services using the very latest industry research from the National Structural Integrity Research Centre (NSIRC).


In a world of rapidly advancing digital developments, Fullagar Technologies provides the industry with trustworthy advanced inspection systems assurance and expertise in the following areas:

  • Remote inspection
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Digital and data driven fabrication - Industry 4.0

Why "Fullagar"?

Plan of profile for the Fullagar, 1917

The Fullagar was the first fully welded ocean-going ship in the world classed by Lloyd’s Register. It was built at Cammell Laird shipyard, Birkenhead, in 1920 under special survey. She was classed *100A1 with the note “Electrically welded – subject to annual survey Experimental.” When she finally launched, she measured 150 feet in length and was 420 gross register tons. 

A true test of the welding occurred In 1924 when she ran aground in Liverpool, fully loaded with coal. Her ground-breaking welded hull did buckle but remained watertight; the welds showed no signs of failure. 

After the Fullagar, the combination of three factors caused welding to grow in the industry: more ships like Fullagar proved their seaworthiness; LR Rules of classification were officially amended; and the urgent demands for ships for the Second World War.

Fullagar Technologies therefore takes its lead from what the Fullagar represented: a bold choice for innovation that  marks a new chapter in an established industry.

You can read more about Fullagar's history on the Lloyd's Register Foundation's website:


Remote inspection of surface and subsurface integrity

With the challenges of assuring the integrity of aging infrastructure, minimising the cost of maintenance, and reducing staff exposure to hazardous environments, digital technologies are changing the nature of traditional inspection methods.

Fullagar is working with its clients to develop a range of remote technologies and smart sensors for application in marine, oil & gas, nuclear, renewable and other industrial sectors. Let us know your area of interest.

New additive manufacturing methods

Lloyd's Register and TWI have been working together in this important area for a number of years since launching the industry-first "Guidance Notes for the Certification of Metallic Parts made by Additive Manufacturing".  These provide a goal-based framework that manufacturers can follow to achieve certification with LR, and subsequently provide confidence to end users that a specific part manufactured using AM meets the required codes, standards, controls and best practices.

Today the opportunities to improve process control and expand the application of AM are significant across all sectors. How can we help bring your component or structural application to life in a safe, assured and certified manner?

Digital and data-driven fabrication - Industry 4.0

Adoption of new digital, data-driven, and "Industry 4.0" technologies in established manufacturing areas has been challenging. Fullagar supports companies that adapt and adopt new processes by helping them define and understand their digital challenges and then respond to those by delivering innovative, project-based solutions.

For example, Fullagar is investigating how to embed human knowledge and experience into robotic and autonomous welding and joining systems. It is also looking into harnessing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) by capturing big data and performing data analytics to ultimately create "Intelligent Manufacturing Systems."

The factory of the future is here. How can we help your company get it started?

Fullagar is currently offering three products:


A monitoring and inspection product that can detect and monitor hydrogen-induced cracking (HIC) using acoustic emission signal acquisition and analysis.



An advanced QA tool which independently measurs and quantifies electron beams, to aid manufacturing and maintenance planning.


Corrosion sensor

A simple wireless wall thickness monitoring device for oil & gas pipeline applications


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