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Well optimisation - Wellscope

Well completion models work well. Wellscope works better.

Wellscope can predict an increase inproduction returns of at least 10% by uniquely combining well and reservoir in a single completion model.

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At LR, we understand that traditionally in the design of wells, the focus is generally on the cost of completion as opposed to the long term value, as value is difficult to determine. 

We help you optimise well performance through our unique modelling processes, ensuring optimum well completion design. Our well design services enables well planning to reach the levels of accuracy previously reserved for F1 and aircraft design.

What we offer

Wellscope™ uniquely combines the potential of well and reservoir in one integrated model , radically improving predictions that will enhance production returns across the lifetime of your field. Conventional completions work well, but with the capability of identifying increased returns of at least 10%, Wellscope™ works harder.

Wellscope is an advanced well modelling process that allows you to predict optimum well design, which leads to better production and better recovery.

We model your reservoirs, wells and well components using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), providing unique insights into fluid flow in your reservoir, near wellbore and well, leading to an optimised well and completion design. Our unique model demonstrates the value of different well and completion designs, reducing risk and uncertainty in your well completions, and revealing that every reservoir and every well, there is optimum flow efficiency and we can predict it!

What are the benefits?

  • Better prediction of future well performance
  • Increase production by at least 10% 
  • Improved Net present Value
  • Improved recovery - both short term and over the field life
  • Optimised well performance
  • Tailored completion for each individual well
  • Measure turbulence and spot erosion 

Why choose LR?

We’re passionate about improving the performance and optimisation of your wells. Our Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modelling of wells is an industry first and we’re the only commercial provider to do this. Through Wellscope, our revolutionary way to model and interpret your wells, we can find the ultimate completion for your well, ensuring increased production, which in some cases has been up to 100% improvement of traditional completion design.

Webinar: Increase oil field returns by at least 10% with Wellscope.

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Find out more about Wellscope

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