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Technical information.

The complete solution for risk and reliability analysis.

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The RiskSpectrum suite offers the complete software solution for modelling, quantifying and monitoring risk and reliability - trusted by operators in safety-critical industries from nuclear to oil and gas to assure safety, reliability and prove regulatory compliance.

RiskSpectrum's applications help you verify technical specifications, plan process operations, quantify reliability and inform ongoing risk-assessed facility operation. Most regulatory bodies are familiar with RiskSpectrum and have validated its calculation algorithms.

From documentation and quality assurance to responsible supervision, RiskSpectrum provides the peace of mind that allows you to run your business efficiently and with confidence.

Key Features

  • Fast

    The RiskSpectrum PSA solution engine uses an algorithm that has been developed and optimised over 30 years and can calculate results for any size fault tree and event tree model.

  • Accurate

    Verifies results using a special algorithm that converts minimal cutsets (MCS) to a binary decision diagram (BDD).

  • Reliable

    RiskSpectrum software utilises the latest development tools and database engines to ensure that we can continue delivering the best risk and reliability tools into the future.

Solution components

A risk and reliability analysis builds on a foundation of several analyses. The RiskSpectrum suite of software tools supports and documents every one of them, from human reliability analysis to fault and event trees. It harnesses the power of those models to monitor and report on operations, supporting every decision with a robust risk assessment.

Consistent data and processes across the RiskSpectrum software tools let you transfer results seamlessly from one software application to another. That boosts productivity, helping you rapidly – but safely – finalise your analysis. Quality assurance and documentation are also uniform across the tools, meaning you can easily log, trace and audit changes.

RiskSpectrum's model standardisation and data integration supports risk assessments that are reliable, manageable and transparent. That cross-software integration also improves data quality and reduces updating and maintenance costs.
All software within the RiskSpectrum suite can be installed and run separately or in combination.


RiskSpectrum software:

  • runs on MS Windows and is compatible with Windows 7 and 10
  • can export results to other applications via Word and Excel

Want to know more about how LR can help?

For more information on how RiskSpectrum and LR Digital can enhance your business, please contact us at sales.riskspectrum@lr.org.

Johan Sörman

Johan Sörman

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