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Marine and offshore

Latest IMO, Flag and Port State instructions on COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

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The latest instructions and information from IMO, Flag Administrations and Port State Control Organisations on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) are detailed below.

Where there are no instructions shown for a particular Flag, please follow Class News 03/2020. This provides the general LR guidance on survey activity during the Coronavirus outbreak including survey extensions and postponements.

Organisation Latest documents from flag and port state organisations
IMO COVID 19 – Guidance for Flag States regarding surveys and renewals of certificates during the COVID-19 pandemic. See also Class News 13/2020.

COVID 19 – Protocols to mitigate the risks of cases on board ships.

COVID 19 – WHO guidance to promote public health measures on cargo ships and fishing vessels.
CARIBBEAN MoU Caribbean MoU have adopted guidance for dealing with the circumstances (such as extending periods of service onboard of seafarers, delaying periods for surveys, inspections and audits, etc.) in a pragmatic and harmonized approach. See Press Release March (18/3/2020).
INDIA OCEAN MoU India Ocean MoU have adopted guidance for dealing with the circumstances (such as extending periods of service onboard of seafarers, delaying periods for surveys, inspections and audits, etc.) in a pragmatic and harmonized approach. See Press Release.
MEDITERRANEAN MoU The Med MoU have issued PSC Circular on 6th April 2020 regarding their PSC Obligations
The guidance sets out parameters for the adoption of a pragmatic approach to be taken in the Paris MoU region. The key to this approach is the recognition that measures are being taken by flag States recognising the challenges the maritime industry is facing.
Guidance for the port State control Authorities has been drafted regarding:
- Impact of delays for surveys, inspections and audits
- extensions of validity of the ship’s certificates
- extended periods of service on board
- delaying periods for personnel certification (STCW’95 and MLC,2006)
As a general principle, a pragmatic approach regarding the mentioned issues is suggested to be taken on a case-by-case basis for periods up to maximum three months. In such cases it is expected that there is active involvement of the flag State, and, if appropriate, the Recognised Organisation. This would include evidence that the ship has a plan that covers how the ship will be brought back in compliance with the requirements.

PSCircular 97

PSCircular 98
Tokyo MOU have agreed to adopt guidance for dealing with the circumstances (such as extending periods of service onboard of seafarers, delaying periods for surveys, inspections and audits, etc.) in a pragmatic and harmonized approach.

The guidance is prepared based on the general principle that requests/issues would be considered on a case-by-case basis by the relevant port State Authority. In accordance with the guidance, the port State Authority should request the operator concerned to confirm that flag State and/or RO, relevant seafarers organizations (if appropriate) have been involved in the process. For consideration of the request by the port State Authority, operators/companies concerned should provide a plan or process containing equivalent solutions to address the COVID-19 situation and letters of dispensation or exemption by the flag State or RO, under which the period of grace for delaying surveys, inspections or audits should be no more than three months, in accordance with the relevant regulations of conventions.
VIÑA DEL MAR MoU Viña del Mar MoU issued Guidance No 30/20 on 6/4/2020 on the impact of COVID-19 on IMO Conventions and MLC 206.
ALGERIA Circ.01 DMMP 2020
This provides the following information for Recognised Organisations:
In cases where inspectors (surveyors), auditors, are not able to carry out surveys, audits or inspections due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19, the Algerian Maritime Administration (AMA) will review requests for extension or postponement of surveys, audits or inspections on a case by case basis taking into account - force Majeure – or other unexpected exceptional circumstances;
With regards to statutory surveys delegated to LR by the Algerian Maritime Administration, LR will submit the request fro extension or postponement to AMA on behalf of Owners/Agents with the evidence and the necessary documentation.
ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA The Administration has issued the following circulars:
Circular no 2020-001(Rev.1) on information and binding direction on the application of procedures due to port restrictions resulting from the outbreak of the COVID -19 virus.
Circular no 2020-003(Rev.1) Maximum period of shipboard service for seafarers during Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Also refer to information-notice-2020-002-(Rev.1) novel-coronavirus guidance.

The Administrations circulars can be found here https://www.abregistry.ag/.
ARGENTINA National measures regarding the COVID-19 pandemic
The Argentina Ministry of Transport has authorised a new special extension for national and international accreditations and certificates issued to National Merchant Navy personnel until 31st December 2020. Likewise, those national and international accreditations and certificates that expire between 1 January 2021 & June 30 2021 have been granted an extension of 3 months from their expiration dates.

Note No. 21/20
With respect to Argentine-flagged ships, extensions of up to three months have been established for the performance of surveys, inspections and audits and for the validation and/or renewal of the respective safety certificates.

Further information can be found at https://www.argentina.gob.ar/prefecturanaval/emergencia-sanitaria/
AUSTRALIA The AMSA website have a page related to operating vessels in Australian water during the Corona Virus: https://www.amsa.gov.au/news-community/campaigns/advice-maritime-industry.

At this stage, if a survey cannot be completed due to the current restrictions and the certificate of survey will elapse as a consequence, people can apply for an Exemption 7—Marine Safety (Temporary operations) Exemption permit.

(AMSA)Marine Notice 10 of 2020 Temporary arrangements for the maximum period of shipboard service for seafarers during COVID-19 pandemic
Guidance in respect of the maximum continuous period that a seafarer can serve on board a vessel without taking leave, during the COVID-19 pandemic.
AZERBAIJAN Amendments to the adopted procedure for the mitigation of disruption to the delivery of essential services in the even of the COVID-19 pandemic
The validity of seafarers certificates is extended until 31 December 2020.
BAHAMAS Technical Alert (TA) 21-01 v2.1 – COVID-19
Provides general advice on COVID-19 infection prevention, Seafarer Employment Agreements, statutory survey postponement/certificate extension, and preparations for COVID-19 in The Bahamas.

Information Notice (IN) 16 v 1.0 – Restarting Passenger Operations provides guidance on areas to be considered prior to resuming passenger operations after the COVID19 pandemic. This IN applies to all passenger ships carrying passengers on voyages of 24 hours or more registered in The Bahamas.
BAHRAIN Instructions to ensure safety of Seafarers onboard Bahraini flagged Ships

Marine Notice No. (2) 2020: Special measures concerning the extension of certificates, inspections and audits for Bahraini flagged ships.

Marine Notice No. (1) 2020 Extension of certificates to Seafarers
Extension of the validity of seafarers certificates under the STCW Convention for 3 months from 26 March 2020
BANGLADESH DOS Circular (002)
Certificates, Surveys, Audits and Inspection of Bangladesh Flag vessels would be granted a 3-months (Up to end of June) extension. ROs are authorised to grant such. The flag administration shall be kept informed such extension.

Circular No. 01/2020
Provides information on extension of SEAs, seafarers certification and ship’s certification, and exemption for the Minimum Safe Manning Documents.

Circular 05/2020 (updated on 20 April 2020) Updated circular relating to certification of ship’s and seafarers for coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Updated circular issued 17 June 2020
BARBADOS The Administration has issued Bulletin 323 with regard to Seafarers employment Agreements, Quarantine and Self-isolation, Delays to Dry-docking and Internal ISM Audits
BELGIUM Circular 2020/002 - Operational measures concerning certification related to Covid-19
Provide information on:
- the survey and certification of ships including extension of survey periods and certificates, postponement of bottom inspections or servicing of equipment.
- acceptance of electronic certificates while COVID-19 measures are in place.
- Extension of seafarers’ certificates.
- Safe Manning Document dispensations.
- Extension of validity of the Seafarers’ Employment Agreement.
- The circular is requested to be displayed conspicuously onboard Belgian ships.
BELIZE MMN 20-003 Rev.3 COVID 19 Temporary Measures
Based on case by case measures detailed in the MMN, Belize is now prepared to grant extensions of 3 months from Oct 31st for mandatory surveys and audits.
BERMUDA Bermuda Guidance Notice 2020-01
Permits extension of seafarer sea service beyond contract period, extension seafarer’s certification and seafarer’s medical certificates.
Permits extension of mandatory surveys and audit periods and extension of statutory certificates.

Bermuda Guidance Notice 2020-02
Permits a service extension for the periodic servicing of some LSA and FFE systems and equipment until 1 June 2020 without notification to the Administration.

Bermuda Guidance Notice 2020-03
Arrangements for continued certification where a surveyor cannot attend the ship. Please also see the below self declarations produced by flag.

Bermuda Guidance Notice 2020-04
Arrangements for Seafarer Documents when experiencing difficulties in receiving or applying for their national COC’s, Bermuda Endorsements, Bermuda Dischargebooks or conducting STCW training before the date required due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Master Declaration PSSC
Company Self Declaration ISM DOC
Master’s Self Declaration SMC/ISSC/MLC
BRAZIL Brazil have revised a notice which permits a 120 days extension from the expiry date of annual, intermediate and renewals surveys of Statutory Certificates, expected to be carried out until 31 December 2020.

Extensions shall be requested from LR, who will keep the flag informed about the ships for which the surveys are postponed.
BRUNEI DARUSSALEM http://mpabd.gov.bn/notice-shipping/

BC/04/2020 Procedures to be followed for the application for an exemption certificate, an extension of/or an equivalent arrangement to an international convention requirement.
BULGARIA The Administration has issued document reference: 581/19.03.2020 regarding Guidelines for adoption of extraordinary measures of the seafarers certificates of competency or certificates of proficiency issued by Bulgarian Maritime Administration resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.
CANADA Where it is not possible to arrange the statutory survey or inspection due to COVID-19, LR will contact Transport Canada for further instruction.

SSB-04-2021 - Extending the validity of Canadian Marine Personnel Certificates
Provides guidance from Transport Canada on a general extension of crew certificates.

SSB 28-2021 Mobility of asymptomatic workers in the marine sector during COVID-19

SSB No. 12/2020 Measures to Mitigate the Spread of COVID-19 on Passenger Vessels and Ferries

Transport Canada’s Marine Safety and Security branch has created a webpage which provides consolidated and up to date information about the various measures that Canada has taken. The webpage can be found at: https://www.tc.gc.ca/en/initiatives/covid-19-measuresupdates-guidance-tc.html.

SSB 21/2020
Temporary Measures Regarding Marine Personnel Certificates, Discharge Books and Marine Counter Services.

Ship Safety Bulletin 15/2020
Temporary Guidance Regarding the Use of Non-Medical Masks or Face Coverings for Workers in the Marine Transportation Sector (this includes surveyors)

Safety Bulletin 01/2021: Maximum period of service on board and repatriating seafarers during COVID-19
Applies to all foreign vessels that operate in Canadian waters.
CAPE VERDE Circular Letter No.06/CD.IMP/2020 Guidelines for adoption of extraordinary measures resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, to owners, bareboat charterers, managers and representatives of ships flying the Cabo-verdian flag

For statutory certification queries, RO’s should contact IMP as follows:
To: armindo.graca@imp.cv
Cc: manuel.vicente@imp.cv
reporting the concrete situation including:
a) description of the difficulties found when conducting/completing surveys/audits/verifications /repairs;
b) evidences related to constraints in conducting/completing surveys/audits/verifications /repairs;
c) evidences of previous planning (including dry-dock booking, in the case ofshipyards);
d) company/ship implemented plan to return to statutory certification’s normality;
e) RO/RSO action plan proposed to be developed.

Requests will be considered by IMP in light of the justification given, in order to grant an extent up to 3 months of the deadlines in question.
The Flag Administration will give consideration to the extension of mandatory statutory surveys, inspections or audits.
Application for extension of surveys / inspections / audits or the validity of statutory certificates may be submitted to the Flag, accompanied by a recommendation from the ship’s recognised organisation (RO).

Guidance Note 03/2020 rev 2: Extension of seafarers certificates
CHILE M.M. ORD. No 12600/175 Measure to protect crews and stevedores; extension for the inspection, certification and survey of ships
CHINA Notice on extension of related certificates of Chinese flagged ships engaged in international voyages

Starting from 1st October 2020, the ship survey certificates, Safety Management Certificate (SMC), Document of Compliance (DOC) and International Ship Security Certificate (ISSC) of Chinese flagged ships engaged in international voyages should not be extended automatically. The shipping companies should take the main responsibility for ship safety and arrange the annual survey, audit, and renewal of ship certificates as soon as possible.

China have a issued “Guidance on the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 for Ports and Its Front Line Staff” which will also be relevant to anyone requiring access to ports.
COLOMBIA RESOLUCIÓN NÚMERO ( 0275-2020)(Revokes 0156-2020)
"Por medio de la cual se establecen medidas especiales para el ejercicio y control de las actividades marítimas en el marco de la emergencia sanitaria declarada por el Gobierno Nacional por el Coronavirus COVID-19"
(Spanish only)
COMOROS Comoros - Circular 24 (Ref. 20/01855/COM)
The flag shall allow the postponement and/or extension of all statutory certification and all survey services including ISM Code/ISPS Code audit and inspections related to MLC,2006.

Comoros Maritime Circular 20-1855-COM-rev.1
Provides guidance relating to the postponement/extension of statutory certification and surveys including ISM / ISPS and MLC audits/ inspections.
COOK ISLANDS The administration has issued the following documentation due to COVID-19:
Circular 224/2020 - Extension of Seafarers’ Employment Agreement
Circular 227/2020 - Extension of mandatory surveys, audits, inspections and validity of statutory certificates
Circular 228/2020 - Format of documentation on board Cook Islands’ Vessels
Circular 229/2020 - relating to the certification of seafarers
Circular 236/2020 - Further guidance relating to the certification of seafarers
CROATIA Croatia have informed IMO of adoption of emergency measures related to extension of seafarers documentation of up to 3 months due to COVID-19.
CURAÇAO Covid-19 Contingency Plan and Guidelines (NTS 18-2021)
The Maritime Authority of Curacao (MAC) decided that all ships' statutory certificates which expire before or on 30th September 2021, and which have not been extended yet by an earlier version of this Contingency Plan, will remain valid with a general initial extension for 3 months provided that:
- The RO have approved.
- The ship owner shall demonstrate when and where the required audits and/or surveys will take place in order to fully comply with the requirements. This information is available on board for local authorities. Together with the acceptance of the RO.

The extension will also apply to certificates issued by service providers conducting services on behalf of the Administration or RO, including, but not limited to service providers re-certifying life-saving equipment, fire-fighting equipment or radio equipment. The subject ship certificates are not required to be replaced by new certificates on which the extended date of expiry is stated.

Remote Survey / Audits: The Administration may also accept a remote inspection/audit in lieu of the onboard survey/audit. The ship owner shall notify the RO's Netherlands branch focal point office, in case they make use of the remote provision. RO will inform MAC afterwards of ships making use of these provisions.

NTS 11-20 - Procedures for Shipping Community re COVID-19:
Scheduled maintenance and inspection surveys can be performed on-board cleared vessels under applicable guidelines by port and health authorities. Emergency maintenance and services on-board during the quarantine period will require special permission from the harbour master.
CYPRUS Circular No. 16/2021 (7 April 2021)
Extension of surveys: Extension of the annual/ intermediate/ periodic or renewal surveys is possible for all ships’ statutory certificates, subject to authorisation. Extension is possible for up to 3 months from the last date of the window survey, provided that this request is supported by the Classification society of the vessel.

Remote Inspection / Audits: The Administration may also accept a remote inspection/audit in lieu of the onboard survey/audit.

For statutory certificates issued by an RO, and the issuance of a short-term certificate or extension as provided on the basis of this Circular, the SDM should be notified electronically as soon as practicable at shipsafety@dms.gov.cy

Circular No: 1/2021 and Circular No. 21/2021: Urgent Provisional Measures for the operation of Cyprus ships during the Covid-19. This Circular must be placed on board vessels flying the Cyprus flag.
Circular No. 18/2020: Urgent Provisional Measures for the operation of Cyprus ships during the Covid-19 outbreak
Circular No. 8/2020 issued 31st March 2020 remains valid with all references in Part A to 01/09/2020 extended to 31/12/2020.

Circular No. 4/2021 (in Greek) concerns the procedure for facilitating crew changes.
Circular No. 17/2020:
Revised procedure for facilitating crew changes within the framework of the gradual relaxation of the Restrictive Measures applicable during the COVID19 Pandemic
CZECH REPUBLIC Extraordinary measures related to crew documents issued by Maritime Administration of the Czech Republic in relation to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Extension of the validity of seafarer STCW documents by 3 months.
DENMARK COVID-19 - Instructions for ROs
Recognizing that need may arise for postponement and extension beyond limits specified in the Conventions, the Denmark administration will generally look positively upon such requests considering situations of force majeure. In any such case the RO/RSO must forward to the DMA a written application justified by a motivated proposal for period of extension. The application must include a plan describing how the ship will be brought back into regular survey or audit cycle once the force majeure situation is over.

DMA accepts a remote internal audit/inspection in lieu of a physical audit/inspection, if it meets the requirements of the ISM Code, ISPS Code and the Maritime Labour Convention 2006.

Additionally the DMA also accepts, that during the COVID-19 outbreak it will not be required to send a notification to the DMA as per “COVID-19 Instructions for RO acting on behalf of the Danish Maritime Authority of 20 March 2020”, when dealing with internal audits and internal inspections.

Shipping and COVID-19
Provides general guidance and information for shipping companies of the services that the DMA can offer and the prevention of COVID-19.

IMO Circular Letter no. 4204
DOMINICA The Administration has issued CD-MSC 02-20 Rev 01 Guidance to Assist with Impact of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) on Ship Operations.
ECUADOR Ecuador latest Flag State Instructions on COVID-19
EGYPT EAMS Instruction translation
The flag Administration has no objection that the Classification Societies on her behalf to take the necessary procedure/action regarding extending the validity of legal certificates for a maximum period of three months, in the event that it is not possible to make or complete the examinations within range dates provided that, there are no technical observations or outstanding items issued by the Classification Authority or flag authorisation.

The following cases needs EAMS approval;
1. Extension of Underwater survey due date.
2. Carry out IWS in lieu of Underwater examination.
3. Cases of outstanding observations appear during inspections or during the ship's operation that affect the validity of a legal certificate.

EE8/117 (29th July 2020)
The relevant authorities in Egypt have extended the validity of the Certificates of Compliance (COCs) of seafarers for three months as of 30th June 2020; in addition to extending the Certificates of Provinces (COPs), medical certificates, short mandatory courses, Seaman's Discharge Book

EE7/132 (1 Sept 2020)
Measures taken by the Egyptian Ministry of Health on preventative quarantine measures to combat coronavirus in relation to crew changing and repatriation.
ESTONIA Circular No 6 ver 01
Expiring certificates – in case the mandatory renewal surveys cannot be carried out, the mandatory surveys are extended for three months for surveys required to be carried out before 01.07.2020, but for no longer than three months after the end of the expiry date of the full-term certificate. The extension shall be in compliance with relevant RO internal procedures.

Endorsement of certificates – in case the mandatory periodical surveys cannot be carried out, the mandatory surveys are extended for three months for surveys required to be carried out before 01.07.2020, but for no longer than three months after the end of the annual survey window (+/- 3 months).
ETHIOPIA Extension of Certificates and Seafarer books due to COVID-19
A further extension to 31 March 2021 is granted without the individual seafarer submitting an application
FINLAND COVID19_Surveys_and_Certificates_Finland
This provides information on the postponement of surveys and extension of certificates up to 3 months. Application should be made through LR who will co-ordinate with Traficom (flag).

Information Bulleting for seafarers and shipping companies – updated May 2020
Renewal of competency and medical certificates during the coronavirus pandemic.
FRANCE The administration have released an updated memo, 3 Sept 2020, describing measures they have taken with respect to vessel certificates, Seafarers certification, Port State Control and provision of information (3 Sept 2020) describing measures they have taken with respect to the extension to the validity of vessel certificates, Seafarers certification, Port State Control and provision of information
GEORGIA Georgia have issued Notice No 18/CIRC/STCW on Certain measures to be taken in the Georgian seafarers' certification and training system in connection of the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19

N1-1/211 – Control and quarantine rules to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus during the movement of seafarers in Georgia.

Order No. N01 (22 Jan 2021)
Certificates of Seafarers who are now engaged in international navigation and whose certificates are expiring between 1 Jan 2021 and 30 April 2021 will automatically be renewed until 30 June 2021.
GERMANY 22 Dec 20 - Current measures of the German flag as a consequence of the COVId-19 pandemic
Statutory Ships Certificates
As had been the case before the outbreak of the corona pandemic, the issuance and renewal of ship’s certificates requires the prior inspection of the ships by surveyors of the recognised classification society or the Ship Safety Division of the BG Verkehr and/or the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BHS) (for the scope of ISPS). It is again necessary to conduct surveys (intermediate surveys) for the endorsement of certificates.
- Only in exceptional circumstances - for example if a survey cannot be conducted in a port due to COVID-19 safeguard measures - can the German flag waive the survey on a case-by-case basis.

Seafarers' Certificates
The validity of all seafarers’ certificates (certificates of competency, certificates of professional competence and evidence of qualification) issued by the German shipping administration or by certified course providers and that will expire before 1 July 2021 is extended by 6 months; no application by the individual seafarer is needed for this purpose.

The attached document also includes information and arrangements for Port State control and security, MARPOL and ballast water inspections.

Further information is available at https://www.deutsche-flagge.de/en/coronavirus.
GIBRALTAR Temporary acceptance of alternative procedures ISM Code Internal Safety Audits

Gibraltar has issued the following as part of a phased return to survey and inspection activity:

SIN 078 – COVID – Use of alternative measures for the completion of surveys

SIN 079 – COVID – GMA approach to a phased return to survey and certification activity.
GREECE CIRCULAR - Government Gazette No.75.
Please see attached Circular for further explanation
Where surveys, audits and inspections of Greek Flag vessels are not possible to be carried out, the General Directorate for Ships’ Control, Local Inspections Offices of Port Authorities and Authorized Recognized Organizations may grant extension for the execution of the pertinent surveys, audits and inspections and extend the validity of the related statutory Certificates for a period of no longer than three months.
ROs are not required to obtain prior Flag consent but shall notify their actions to the Ships’ Design and Construction Directorate (e-mail dmk@yen.gr, tel: +30 213 137 1951), Ships’ Inspection Directorate (dep@hcg.gr, tel: +30 213 137 1957), Verification of Safety and Security Management of Ships and Port Facilities Directorate (dedaple@hcg.gr, tel: +30 213 137 1904, as regards ISPS/ISM/MLC), Regulations and Control of Organizations Directorate (dkeo@hcg.gr, tel.+30 213 137 1878) and Director’s office of General Directorate for Ships’ Control (dkc@hcg.gr, tel.+30 213 137 1959), as appropriate.

The administration has advised IMO of MEASURES TAKEN BY THE HELLENIC MARITIME ADMINISTRATION WITH RESPECT TO COVID-19 with respect to Reporting Requirements, Restrictions of Ship Operations, Seafarers Health, Inspection, Certification and Liability, Extensions of Seafarers Certificates and Sea Service.

Circular: 7th July 2020: Update of the measures taken by the Hellenic Maritime Administration with a view to facilitate and progressively restore maritime transport services and connectivity
The extension of the validity of seafarers certificates and endorsements to 31st Dec 2020 remains extant.

Circular 08 (2nd Sept 2020): Extends the validity of seafarers medical certificates until December 31st 2020.
HONG KONG Hong Kong Marine Department issued a notice on 3rd April regarding Seafarers’ Agreement and Certification, Surveys, Audits and Statutory Certificates, Port State Control in Hong Kong and Non-interrupted Services.
ICELAND Maritime notice IMO-1-2020 (with later amendments)
Includes information on 3 month extensions to Ship Certificates, Inspections, Flag state surveys, Certificates of Competence
INDIA DGS Order No. 20/2021; Extension of the validity of Recruitment & Placement of Seafarers License (RPSL) and Inspection of RPSL in view of COVID-19 outbreak. This Order has extended the date of validity of the Recruitment & Placement of Seafarers License (RPSL) expiring between 01st April 2021 to 31st July 2021 (both days inclusive) up to 30th September 2021 for the purpose of undertaking Annual, Renewal Inspection of RPSL

DGS Order 03 of 2020
Supplementary instructions to MTI’s, seafarers and shipping industry

DGS Order 04 of 2020, Addendum 2 and Addendum 3 provides instructions to all major and minor ports for dealing with novel coronavirus

DGS Order No.12 of 2020 Addendum 1: Standard Operating Procedures / Protocols (SOP) for controlled crew change in view of COVID-19 outbreak

Technical Circular 076/2020 – Personal Protective Equipment
Advice on the use of masks.

DGS Order 13/2020 has been issued (superseding all versions of DGS Order 6/2020) regarding extensions of statutory certificates, surveys, audits and seafarer certification.

DGS Order No. 23/2021
Conduct of Ships Statutory Surveys, Inspections and Audits for the purpose of issuance of Certificates, endorsements of Certificates and Extension of validity of Certificates during COVID-19 pandemic. This order established procedures for conduct of Surveys /Audits /Inspections which are falling due on or before 31st August 2021, and issuance of Short Term Statutory Certificates.

DGS Order No. 16/2021 Reg Re-validation of Seafarers Certificates of Competency (CoC) / Certificate of Proficiency in view of COVID-19 pandemic.
Revised requirements in respect of the extension of the validity of seafarers certificates so that certificates which have expired or are due to expire on or before 31st Dec 2020 which comply with the provisions of the STCW Convention shall be deemed to be revalidated until 31st Dec 2021 irrespective of whether the seafarer is/was on a ship at the time of expiry.

DGS Order No. 21/2021
The validity of the Ship Sanitation Certificate of all Indian registered vessels operating on the coast of India is further extended for a period up to 30 November 2021.
INDONESIA Circular Letter SE11 2020: Contingency Plan for seafarers and ship owners/operators due to COVID-19

Circular Letter: SE.30/2020: The Extension of Contingency Plan for Seafarers and Ship Owners/Operators due to COVID-19
Seafarers Certificates of Competency (CoC) and Endorsement (CoE) expiring during the validity period of the circular letter ( 29 July 2020 – 29 January 2021) can have a temporary CoE issued which will be valid for 6 months on presentation of the expired certificate to the Directorate General of Sea Transportation. Similar arrangements are in place for other seafarer certificates.
IRELAND Ireland - 06 of 2020 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Rev (9)
Provides protective measures for any ship visiting Ireland.

Marine Notice No.15 of 2020 (Updated 12/01/21): Temporary Contingency Planning for the Surveying and Certification of Irish Registered Ships
The MSO will consider on a case by case basis, any necessary extensions or equivalent arrangements to be actioned taking account of the guidance issued by the IMO. This applies to certificates issued by service providers, recognised organisations and recognised security organisations (RSO’s) carrying out surveys, verifications and inspections on behalf of the IMA.

Marine Notice No. 14 of 2020 (Reissued 06 Jan 2021 & Expiring 30 April 2021)
This sets out temporary contingency measures for the validity of seafarer documents.
ISLE OF MAN Isle of Man - 002-20 - COVID-19
Provides information for seafarers if their certification is expiring, what to do if the ship falls below safe manning levels due to COVID-19, implications related to the MLC, and delays in surveys and audits which may require extension to certificates. LR should submit to the Ship Registry an application for the extension of surveys, inspections or audits and/or the validity of statutory certificates accompanied by a recommendation of the course of action to be followed.

Many of the Ship Registry’s staff will be working remotely and during this time the preferred method of contacting the Ship Registry is by email using the contact list below:
General: shipping@gov.im
Survey: marine.survey@gov.im
Registry: registry.marine@gov.im
Seafarers Documents: seafarers@gov.im
MLC: MarineMLC.DfE@gov.im
Finance: marine.finance@gov.im
Marketing: marine.marketing@gov.im
You can find the full contact list here: https://www.iomshipregistry.com/about/contact-us/.
ITALY Please contact LR if you have any urgent cases requiring a survey.

Provides information on: remote surveys for all statutory certificates including ISM, ISPS and MLC; remote occasional surveys; conditions for postponement of surveys and extension of certificates; FS and PSC inspections.
Upon satisfactory completion of any remote surveys, regardless the due periodicity (i.e. annual/periodical /renewal), the statutory certificates will be re-issued with one year validity since the date of survey of anniversary date. Afterwards, at the earliest opportunity but not later than twelve months, an on-site survey shall be carried out to reinstate the normal certification regime.

Provides information on: Underwater examination in lieu of dry-docking survey because of unavailability of docking facilities; Survey items to be examined.
Upon satisfactory completion of the survey, a short term certificate shall be issued valid three months. Afterwards, the ship shall be dry-docked for survey.

This extends the arrangements for dry-dock inspections of the bottom of the ship to 30th Sept 2020.

4 Jan 2021 - Extension of validity of Certificates of Competence and endorsement certificates
The extension of validity for the endorsements of Certificates of Competence issued by foreign countries are automatically extended until disembarkation, without any administrative formality.

Extension of validity of certificates relating to international conventions (MARPOL 73/78, Ballast Water Management Convention, Anti-fouling Systems Convention)

Measures to Address Covid-19.- updated 15 May 2020.

Measures for the management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19 on board cruise ships:
The Italian government has begun implementation of "COVID-19 phase two" in response to encouraging evidence of a significant reduction in the spread of COVID-19 in European countries and has reopened the cruise market for the resumption of operations from 15th August 2020.

Circular 32/2020 – Recognition of certificates in compliance with MLC 2006 & the STCW Convention

Measures arising from the covid-19 emergency regarding certificates relating to the international conventions (MARPOL 73/78, Ballast Water Management Convention, Antifouling Systems Convention).
With particular reference to MARPOL certificates issued in regard of Annexes I, II, IV and VI, Ballast Water Management and Antifouling System remote annual and intermediate surveys may, on an exceptional basis, be conducted in order to issue a provisional certificate with a validity of 6 months. In all cases, the full survey will then have to be carried out in port at the next opportunity.

Extension of the validity of the two-year medical examination certificate for seafarers
The validity of medical certificates is extended to 90 days after 30 April 2021
JAMAICA Circular No. 20-07-01 – Measures to facilitate continued operation of ships during coronavirus (COVID-19)
If the previous extension of validity of certificates to June 30, 2020 has expired, and it has still not been possible for the necessary surveys to be conducted, owners/managers are required to make contact with the MAJ through the associated RO for further guidance.
JORDAN Actions taken by Jordan Maritime Commission For prevention of COVID-19: includes the extension of validity for seafarers certificates.
KENYA Marine Notice No.2 of 2020 - Implementation of the Merchant Shipping Act, 2009
In cases where surveyors, auditors and/or inspectors are not able to undertake scheduled surveys, audit, and inspections due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19 pandemic, the Authority will consider requests for extension/postponement under force majeure, on a case by case basis.

Guidelines on ship’s crew change and seafarers repatriation
The guidelines focus on all stages of the crew change administration including arrangements for seafarers who are no longer medically fit to work.
KIRIBATI Kiribati have issued Marine Circular 53 on "Extension of Statutory Certificates, Surveys, Audits & Inspections due to COVID-19"

Marine Circular 53/2020 - Extension of Statutory Certificates, Surveys, Audits & Inspections due to COVID-19.

MN 04/2020 - all Kiribati issued STCW and STCW-F certificates and Medical fitness certificates which have expired since 01 April 2020 are extended until 01 April 2021.
KUWAIT KSN-MTD. Circ.1/2020 & Circ.1/2020 (Add.1)
In cases where RO surveyors are not able to undertake scheduled surveys or audit due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19, the Administration will consider postponement under exceptional circumstances for vessels for which the time frame of endorsement or renewal of certificates is three (3) months extension may be granted without further approval from the Administration.
While all reasonable efforts should be taken to ensure that statutory certificates are kept valid, ROs are hereby authorised to grant extension on behalf of Administration.

Addendum 1 extends the Validity period of Circular KSN/MTD Circ.1/2020 for a further period of 1 month starting from 1 July 2020 and allows an extension of one month for vessels already granted a three month extension based on KSN/MTD.Circ1/2020
LATVIA 08-01/2420 – Maritime Sector in Latvia after lifting of emergency situation
The emergency situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic ended on 9 June 2020 and a number of restrictions regarding the movement of persons and vehicles has been introduced to prevent any further spread from external countries.

Please go to www.lja.lv/en for up to date information.
LEBANON Contingency measures taken in view of the COVID-19 outbreak pertaining to the extension of ships’ and seafarers’ certificates.
LIBERIA Liberia - Marine Advisory_07-2020_Certificates and Surveys-COVID
Provides instructions for the extension of certificates and postponement of surveys and audits where it is not possible to attend the vessel. It also provides instructions related to SEAs and seafarer certification.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Liberian Administration has issued guidance on Seafarers certification and ship survey and certification to assist Liberian seafarers’, owners and operators of Liberian flagged vessels and those working on behalf of the Registry. This guidance is available on the Liberian Registry’s website at: Liberian Registry response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
LIBYA Libya have issued Circular 04/2020 on Interim policy on extension/postponement of surveys/audits and inspections due to COVID-19.
LITHUANIA Measures taken by Lithuania concerning Covid-29

In case of endorsement of statutory certificates when annual, periodical, intermediate, bottom survey, audit, inspection cannot be held within the window, the certificate will remain valid for 3 months after the end of the applicable window without specific consent or approval from the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration.
LUXEMBOURG Circular CAM 002/2020 on special measures - COVID-19
This provides for service beyond the period of validity of the Seafarer Employment agreement, extension of the validity of the seafarer documents beyond their expiry dates, and the extension of statutory certificates, surveys, audits and flag state inspections. Any extensions to statutory surveys, audits or certificates that LR issue should be made vis LR to the Administration.
Extension of the validity of Ship Statutory Certificates for the year 2021 due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic situation.

MSN 02/2020 Annex V
Marine Department Malaysia hereby authorized Recognized Organisations (RO) to issue the extension of the ship’s statutory certificates in relation to the survey as follows: -
(i) annual or periodical survey,
(ii) renewal survey not related to bottom inspection, and
(iii) intermediate and renewal audit for ISSC, MLC and SMC;
with the condition that the extension(s) shall not be more than three (3) months from the anniversary or expiry date of the certificate OR until 30 June 2020, whichever is earlier.

MSN 02/2020 Seafarer and Ship Operator Guidance v5
Annex I - Precautionary Actions v1
Annex II – MARDEP Instructions v1
Annex III – Extensive Guidelines v2
MALDIVES Marine Circular: INT- 2020/001: Extension of expiry dates of CoC and trading certificates issued to Maldivian flag vessels.
MALTA Malta MS Notice 158 - Extraordinary measures resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic
Provides information on extension of sea service in SEAs, extension of seafarer certficates beyond their expiry dates, and extension of statutory certificates, surveys, audits and inspections. LR shall apply to the flag for permission to extend.

Procedures for the extension of periodical surveys pertaining to the Certificate of Compliance to Trade as a Commercial Yacht (CoC) by Remote Survey and for the extension of the periodical surveys pertaining to Statutory Certificates
Commercial Yacht Remote Survey Guidelines

Due to the present exceptional circumstances this Administration is implementing a procedure wherein the periodical surveys pertaining to the Certificate to Trade as a Commercial Yacht (CoC) and to the related Statutory Certificates (issued to Commercial Yachts) may be extended/postponed by carrying out remote surveys.
The remote survey procedure is being implemented in order for it to be used solely in exceptional cases when a surveyor cannot physically attend onboard a Malta flagged commercial yacht to carry out periodical surveys.
The scope of the remote survey is intended solely for postponing the CoC periodical survey and related Statutory Certificates' periodical surveys (annual, intermediate or renewal) due date by a period of up to 6 months.
The is procedure comes into effect on the 1st May 2020 even though, on a case by case basis and at the discretion of the Administration, the procedure may also be applied to periodical surveys which were due in the first months of 2020.
MARSHALL ISLANDS MSA-2020-25 (2 July 2020)
Provides instructions on handling ISM, ISPS, AND MLC, 2006 due to COVID-19.

MSA No. 07-21
This provides information on vessel calls in affected ports, vessel inspections and other boardings and extension of the Seafarer Employment, extension of seafarer certification.

The Flag has produced its own webpage on the COVID-19 arrangements which may be found at https://www.register-iri.com/covid-19/

MSA No. 24-20 Handling the validity of Ship Certificates due to COVID-19
Provides guidance on maintaining the validity of statutory certificates and extending the period between surveys. Please note that flag authorisation is required in each case for any remote work.

MSA No. 17-20 – Temporary alternative inspection protocols during COVID-19 pandemic response and recovery

For listings of all MSA’s please follow the links:
Marine Safety Advisory Index
Active Marine Safety Advisory Index

MSA No. 05-21, Temporary alternative inspection protocols during COVID-19 pandemic response and recovery.
MAURITIUS Mauritius Merchant Shipping Notice, MSN-18/2020 Reg Vessels and Seafarer’s certificates during the Covid-19 Pandemic
  1. The Mauritius flag Administration has issued Merchant Shipping Notice Ref. MSN-18 of 2020 providing instructions with regards to extension of Seafarers Certificates, Seafarers Employment Agreement (SEA), statutory surveys, audits, inspections etc as outlined below due to outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. In cases where the authorised RO is unable to attend the vessel to complete a survey or inspection leading to the endorsement or renewal of a relevant certificate, then after due authorisation a short-term certificate may be issued with validity of not more than 3 months from the date of expiration of the current certificate or the closure of the required window for the conduct of the required activity. It remains the responsibility of the Operator and the Master to ensure that the vessel is maintained and operated in accordance with the statutory requirements for the duration of the short-term certificate.
  3. On expiration of the short-term certificate, or earlier if circumstances permit, a survey or inspection, must be completed and a new certificate issued, aligned with the expiration date of the previous certificate.
  4. Annex 1 of MSN 18/2020 provides clarification on queries raised in respect of seafarers’ certificates, ships’ surveys, further extensions and remote surveys.
Master Declaration MSN 18 of 2020
MEXICO Measures implemented by Mexican Authorities against the COVID-19 Pandemic, in terms of Maritime Navigation
The validity of all the issued certificates by the National Maritime Authority has a 60 calendar-day deferral starting on June 1st. Among these certificates are those for the construction of ships.
MOLDOVA Operational Directive No.196
Extension of statutory inspections and issuance/endorsement of statutory certificates, extension of certificates of endorsements issued under I/l0 of the STCW Convention, due to COVID-l9 pandemic period
MONTENEGRO 345/20-05-2320/1; Temporary Measures caused by COVID-19 pandemic.
Includes, extension of validation of maritime documents after expiry date ( certificates of competency, health certificates, certificate of proficiency)
MOROCCO Information Note: Summary of temporary measures applicable to the maritime sector implemented by the Kingdom of Morocco in relation to the spread of COVID-19.

Extension of ship certificates until 1 July 2020. This does not apply to ISM, ISPS ad MLC certificates which may be kept valid by the issuance of a provisional certificate for 6 months. Seafarers certificates are also extended to 1 July 2020.
MYANMAR The Administration has issued Marine Guidance 1/2020 and have advise their Recognised Organisations via Letter DMA/DDG-Tech/123 regarding extension of validity of ship certificates

Marine Guidance 05/2020: Extension of Seafarer Employment Agreement during the outbreak of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic

Marine Guidance 08/2020 Extending the validity of the certificates of Myanmar registered vessels trading in international voyages.
This revises Marine Guidance (3/2020) to allow extension for a period of three months to the validity of the Myanmar Registered vessels' certificates the expiries of which fall between 30th September 2020 and 3Ist December 2020.

Marine Guidance 09/2020 Guiding principles for the further extension of the validity of certificate beyond its statutory maximum during the COVID-l9 pandemic
This guidance provides the step-based approach (guiding principles) to the issuance of short-term certificate for further extension beyond three months in the circumstances where it is impossible to conduct survey, inspection or audit.
NETHERLANDS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Contingency Plan and Guidelines Revision 6
The flag administration considers the COVID-19 outbreak to be a force majeure situation. Certificates which expire before September 30th 2021, and which have not been extended yet by an earlier version of this Contingency Plan, will remain valid for 3 months without approval from the flag administration or the RO.

The extension will also apply to certificates issued by service providers conducting services on behalf of the Administration or RO, including, but not limited to service providers re-certifying life-saving equipment, fire-fighting equipment or radio equipment.

Notice to Shipping 12: Procedures for Shipping Community icw COVID-19
As part of the efforts to revive the local economy, the government step-by-step allows more traffic and activities in its commercial ports. The first phase is to re-open the commercial ports for the following activities:
• Cargo/bunkering/provisioning/vessel repairs
• Waste reception under MARPOL Annexes I-V
• Lay-up of vessels and yachts
• Crew changes and repatriations
• Maintenance & services on-board
• Local commercial vessels
NEW ZEALAND Exemption No. GE-11-20: Extending the Validity of New Zealand Seafarer Ancillary Certificates until 28 Feb 2021
More information is available at https://www.maritimenz.govt.nz/commercial/certification/documents/Seafarer-certificates-expiringduring-COVID19.pdf
NIGERIA MN/07/20/SN02: Extension of validity of Statutory and Trading certificates for all Nigerian registered vessesl including STCW certificates issued by the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA).

MD/10/FMT/VOL.XX/250: Declaration to keep Nigerian ports open and sustain port operations by adopting safe and best industry practices amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.
NORWAY Norway - Extension_of_certificates_and_vessel_instructions v1.01
The NMA shall be kept informed of when and to which vessels the extension are issued.

Norway - Guidelines for seafarers signing on and off ships in Norwegian ports

Norway - Implementation of ISM audits – extended deadline

Hours of Rest and Manning

Instructions to Class 2-2020 Rev.3
The Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) has decided that certificates and vessel instructions which expire before 1 January 2022 may be granted a 3-month extension without further approval from the NMA. For compliance with paragraph 7.4 LR will send the NMA an email containing a simple message with the date of issue and to which vessel extensions to certificates were granted.
The Norwegian Maritime Authority publishes further information on the COVID-19 pandemic issue. Check its internet on https://www.sdir.no/en/news/latest-new-on-coronavirus/.

Instructions to Class 3-2020
Verification of safety management systems (ISM) by means of remote audits

Norway requirement Risk assessment and emergency preparedness in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020/29980-2 Extending the validity of all trading certificates and vessel instructions expiring in 2020 for Norwegian-flagged ships
Initially, the extended validity of trading certificates applied to certificates expiring before 12 June, however, the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) has now decided that all trading certificates and vessel instructions expiring in 2020 will be granted a 3-month extension without further approval from the NMA.

Please see the NMA website for information regarding Provisional Certificates of Nationality/Registry and Continuous Synopsis Records (CSRs) as PDF copies only.

Guidelines regarding the change of crew and those who are travelling to and from the ship.

Instructions to Class 6-2020 Rev.1
Further extensions of statutory surveys and completion of renewal surveys by means of alternative methods due to COVID-19.

Covid -19 - Norwegian protocols with regards to crew change on ships - Norwegian Maritime Authority (sdir.no)
OMAN Maritime Circular No.07/2020 - General Instruction in respect of shipping and port operations.
Instructions for Omani vessels, shoreside maritime personnel, vessels calling at Omani ports, terminals or offshore installations.

Maritime Circular No: 6/ 2020 (Rev.1): Relaxation measures for ships’ statutory survey and certification services.
Where surveys are due on vessels located overseas and it becomes difficult for attendance by a surveyor either MMD Surveyors or RO, the MMD will consider the extension of mandatory statutory survey windows by issuance of short-term certificates, on a case by case basis. Operators are advised to make requests to POMMD in good time before the expiry date to avoid Port State Control issues.
PANAMA MMN-07/2020 (updated Sept 2020)
All statutory Certificates’ extensions for the maximum period of three (3) months according to Conventions shall be requested on a case by case basis to this Administration. The postponement/extension of the inspection of the outside ships’ bottom will continue to be processed on a case by case basis. Inspections afloat using remote inspection techniques might be allowed under exceptional circumstances. Extensions beyond three (3) months may require an appropriate risk-based survey approved by the RO, including mitigation measures. Remote surveys may be allowed after evaluating the scope intended to cover, and on a case by case basis due to exceptional circumstances.

MMN 03/2020 (Revised Sept 2020) Coronavirus and Seafarers employment agreement and Certificates
Provides information on extension of SEAs and extension of seafarer's endorsements

An application form for the above.

Instructions for repatriations, embarkation or disembarkation of crew during the COVID-19 pandemic (revised 22 June 2020).

Panama has issued a comprehensive list of all the coronavirus related MMN’s which can be found here.

Note No. 106-01-05-2020 DGMM – Temporary extension measures to MARPOL ANNEX VI-REG. 6.6 ; 22A3 , 22A9
The temporary extension measure will be for a period of 3 months from the various deadlines indicated in the document.

Actions taken by the AMP for Seafarers during COVID-19
This is a summary of the actions taken with hyperlinks to the relevant marine notices.
PHILIPPINES The administration have issued MARINA Advisory no MA-2020-25 regarding extension of statutory certificates

Marine Advisory 2020-23 – Further extension of validity of STCW Certificates of Filipino seafarers currently serving onboard seagoing ships amid challenges caused by COVID-19

MA 2020-30 Further Extension of Statutory Certification and services as a Temporary Contingency Measure during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Further to MA 2020-25, the extension of statutory certificates is now extended to 30 November 2020.

Marine Advisory 2020-44
Addendum to marina advisory no. 2020-23 on the extension of validity of STCW certificates

MA 2020 – 67: Extending the coverage of expiring SIRB/SRB for Seafarers currently onboard ships and ashore operating both in domestic and overseas waters.
All Seafarers Record Books, or Seafarers Identification and Record Books currently serving on board ships and ashore expiring between 13 March 2020 to 31 Dec 2020 shall be extended for a period of one (1) year from the date of expiry without the need to file for an application at the MARINA.

Marina Advisory 08-2020 – Guidance concerning Filipino seafarers onboard vessels affected by restrictions in connection with the 2019-nCOV Outbreak

Marina Advisory 52-2020 – Guiding Principles (step-based approach) developed by the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) regarding surveys and renewals of certificates during the COVID-10 pandemic

Marina Advisory 62-2020 – Guidelines for the establishment of the Philippines Green Lane to facilitate the speedy and safe travels of Seafarers, including their safe and swift disembarkation, and crew change during the COVID-19 pandemic
POLAND 21 Aug 2020: Guidelines on extending the validity of seafarers’ maritime documents in the period of COVID-19 pandemic state
Seafarers documents that expired on 1 February 2020 or later and cannot be revalidated due to exceptional circumstances resulting from COVID-19 outbreak remain valid until 31 December 2020. Such an extension does not require any separate official confirmation.
PORTUGAL/MADEIRA Guidelines for adoption of Extraordinary Measures COVID-19 Ver. 2 (Ships)
Guidelines for adoption of Extraordinary Measures COVID-19 Ver. 1 (Seafarers)
Guidelines for adoption of Extraordinary Measures COVID-19 (IHM)
Whenever, and concerning to statutory certification, the maintenance of its validity (surveys and/or annual/intermediate audits within the window) or renewal (surveys and/or audits within the window) cannot be ensured due to the constraints caused by COVID-19, RO’s, RSO’s and Companies, depending on the situation concerned, shall contact DGRM through the following e-mail address
To: marad@dgrm.mm.gov.pt
Cc.: technical.mar@madeira.gov.pt
REPUBLIC OF KOREA Contingency Guidelines for Ships and Seafarers against Coronavirus (COVID_19) including validity of ships certificates, remote surveys, crew changes, employment period and validity of certificates.
ROMANIA Notification no.25822/1029 (3 July 2020)
Certificates of competency and certificates of proficiency which will expire during seagoing service are accepted with a general extended validity until 1st Oct 2020.

For any additional information please contact the Romanian Naval Authority at rna@rna.ro.
RUSSIAN FEDERATION JUC-D5-25/8839 Additional urgent measures taken due to the pandemic of coronavirus COVID-19
The validity of seafarers certificates which are due to expire on or before 30 June 2020 is extended for 6 months.

JUC-D5-26/10781 - Amendment to the urgent measures outlined in previous Information Letters:
Extension of 3 months can now be applied if the validity of seafarers certificates has expired or is due to expire up to and including 20 September 2020.

Ref. ЮЦ-Д5-26/19526 Extension of current arrangements
If seafarers are unable to renew certificates using the usual procedures because they have an extended time at sea the validity of such documents is extended up to 31st of March 2021 inclusive.
In cases where RO surveyors are not able to undertake scheduled surveys due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19, this Administration will consider applications for extension/postponement under force majeure on a case-by-case basis. The Shipowners/Ship Operators/Managers should use application form as per GEN 001 circular. The application form should be stamped, signed and commented by RO. In addition, there must also be evidence that the ship has a plan that covers how she will be brought back into the regular survey cycle.

These temporary measures shall remain in place for a period of three (3) months starting from 18 January 2021 and are subject to review as the situation develops.

Technical Circular no. 20: Advice from the Maritime Administration on COVID-19 Pandemic
SAUDI ARABIA Circular No (03) 2020
Ships for which endorsement or renewal of statutory certificates is due before 30th June 2020, a three (03) months extension may be granted. Therefore, these certificates will remain valid during the extension period without pre-approval of TGA (MTS) and are not required to be replaced by new certificates on which the extended date of expiry is indicated.
The extension will also concern certificates issued by services providers for servicing of life saving equipment, fire-fighting equipment or radio equipment.

Circular 1/2020(Add.2): Remote Surveys/ Inspections/Audits: The Administration may accept Remote Surveys, Inspections and Audits in lieu of the onboard survey/audit.
SINGAPORE Singapore - sc_no_3_of_2020
Provides instructions for the extension of certificates and postponement of surveys and audits where it is not possible to attend the vessel. Applications are to be made via LR. It also provides instructions related to seafarer certification.

Circular 6 of 2020: Extension of STCW certificates

Singapore Crew Change Guidebook 4th Sept 2020.
SOUTH AFRICA MIN 07 of 2021: COVID-19 – Process for extension of Seafarer Certificates
This Marine Information Notice seeks to advise Seafarers, employers and crewing agencies of the process to obtain documents to extend the validity of certificates issued in accordance with the Merchant Shipping (Training, Certification and Safe Manning Regulations 2021.

MN 09 of 2021: COVID-19: Fishing Vessel Personnel Assessment Exception
This Marine Notice provides for the conduct of temporary relief of written examinations for Fishermen and Motormen Certificates.

MN 26 of 2020: Coronavirus Information and Emergency Contact Details
An update on managing the coronavirus pandemic with important contact numbers and general information.

MN 16 of 2020 – Implementation of March 2020 National Ports Act (COVID-19 Restriction on the movement of persons and crew) Regulations 2020
COVID-19 Information on Restrictions on the movement of persons and crew.

MN 20/2020
Statutory certificates for all types of vessels

MN 33/2020
Process for extension of certificates: SAMSA has granted an extension until 31st Dec 2020 for any seafarer certificates that expire during the period of lockdown or shortly thereafter.

MN 28 of 2020 - COVID-19 Vessel Preparedness for Shore-Based Personnel Interaction
This Marine Notice serves to inform about guidelines related to safe ship and shore personnel interaction and protective measures to be implemented in order to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Guidelines for Seafarers and Vessel Certification

MN 47/2020: COVID-19 Level 1 Crew Changes
This Marine Notice serves to inform all seafarers that they are permit to embark and disembark vessels under LEVEL 1, effective from 01 October 2020.

All the relevant marine notices can be found on the administrations website www.samsa.org.za.
SRI LANKA MSN 07/2020 – Revised (with effect from 16th Nov 2020)
Extension of the validity of Seafarers Certification: All CDCs, COCs, training certificates, associated endorsements and cooks' certificates issued by MSS which have expired or are expiring between 01st May and 31st December 2020 will be extended till 31st December 2021.
SPAIN Measures to minimize the effects of the occurred sanitary crisis of COVID-19 in the field of the merchant marine (Updated 5th June)
Includes details on the gradual reactivation of inspections and surveys for both national and foreign ships in Spanish Ports and the extension of the validity of certificates of competency, training and medical.
SWEDEN TSG 2020-2577 Rev.5 (04 March 2021)
The Swedish Transport Agency considers the Covid-19 outbreak to be a force majeure situation.
Duration of statutory certificates
The Swedish government has decided that all ships’ statutory certificates that expire on or after the 1st of April 2020 and before 31st of May 2021 will remain valid for an additional 15 months from the original date of expiry of the certificate, but not longer than until the 30th of September 2021, without a specific decision or approval from the Swedish Transport Agency or the RO.
The certificate, which has a date of validity, which has passed, remains valid along with this notice. There is no need to approach the Swedish Transport Agency to take advantage of this extension, but ships are encouraged to retain a copy of this notice on board for the guidance of officials should it be required.
Note that the automatic extension of certificates does not include extensions related to ISM or ISPS, further information is found under Section under 1.2 Interval of surveys and audits and under Section 7, Port facility security.
In all cases, the RO must maintain a record of ships receiving extensions to surveys or certificates and ensure the Swedish Transport Agency is kept informed about the ongoing status.

Ship owners and Managing companies should arrange for the survey/audit/inspection of their vessels at the earliest opportunity. In the event that it is not possible for a shipowner to comply with the requirements concerning interval surveys and audits, including annual/periodical/intermediate/bottom- surveys, these may be postponed for a maximum of six months.
SWITZERLAND Flag State Directive – No.1 2020(rev.2) Measures and Policy of the Administration relating to the COVID-19 pandemic
All Statutory and related certification issued by SMNO and/or any Recognized Organization (RO) shall remain valid and are extended until further notice for a maximum duration of 3 months. RO’s shall notify SMNO for each certificate and vessel concerned.
TANZANIA MSN 2420 Coronavirus (COVID-19)- Guidance Relating to the Extension of Validity for Seafarers Documents and Certificates
Extension of certificates of competency and proficiency which expire prior to 1 July 2020 by up to three months.
THAILAND Ref No. 0322/1467 and Announcement Ref No. 56/2563(A.D. 2020) Reg. Extension of Statutory Surveys, issuance/ endorsement of statutory certificates and Extension of seafarer’s certification/ documents etc due to COVID-19 outbreak 1
The flag has instructed that all certificates and supplementary documents, due date before 1st July 2020, issued by Marine Department have been granted a 3-month extension. The extension may also apply to certificates or supplementary documents granted by service providers to the vessels.
In addition, for Thai flagged vessel supervised by recognized organization(RO), the owners shall ensure that recommendations form ROs are to be carried out.
Turkish Flag Administration announced that the Corona Virus pandemic is to be considered as a force majeure.
The RO shall make extension/postponement requests on ship-basis for renewal surveys/inspections and docking surveys and the process shall be conducted in accordance with the instructions of the Flag Administration. Furthermore, the RO must submit supporting documents related with requests. For extension formalities to be done in addition to these; the process described in this Letter of Instructions shall be performed and extension formalities completed as well as their reasons shall be reported to the Flag Administration on a weekly basis until the end of office hours on Friday.

COVID-19 - Further Extension of Seafarers Certificates
The validity of the Turkish Seafarers’ Seaman’s Books, Certificate of Competencies (COC), GMDSS Radio Operator Certificates (ROC/GOC/REO), STCW Certificates and Medical Fitness Certificates are granted a general extension of validity up to 31.12.2020 without any further application or approval processes.
TUVALU MC-2/2020/1 Extension of Seafarers employment agreement service period and Certificates of Endorsement due to COVID-19

MC-4/2020/1 Managing Statutory Surveys and Certificates, ISM, ISPS, MLC 2006 and FSI during COVID-19
UKRAINE No.12951/46/10-20: Measures adopted and enforced by Ukraine with respect to COVID-19

Includes extension up to 31 Dec 2020 on the validity of seafarers certificates.

It should be noted that LR is not authorised by Ukraine.
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Administration has issued Circular No 06/2020 relating to extension of Seafarers Certificates.
UNITED KINGDOM United Kingdom - Covid-19 contingency Plan guidelines v1
Information on joining and repatriation of seafarers, exemptions to the safe manning document, seafarer certificates, validity of seafarer certificates, extension of vessel surveys and certification.

UK - MIN 612 Amendment 4 Coronavirus (COVID-19)
The survey and certification of UK vessels.

Revised Medical Certificate Policy due to COVID-19 pandemic

MIN 611: Guidance and Information To Follow In The Event of COVID-19 Outbreak Impacting UK Seafarer Services
This MIN provides guidance and information on best practices in the event of significant impact to essential Seafarer Training and Certification services delivered by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA).

Extension to Seafarers certification
Details of extensions to the validity of certificates of between 6 and 12 months depending on type.

MIN 622 (M+F) Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Use of alternative measures for the completion of surveys on internationally trading UK registered ships.

MIN 623 (M+F) Coronavirus (COVID-19)
UK approach to a phased return to survey and certification activity

For the latest information please visit the UK Marine and Coastguard Agency website.
UNITED STATES The USCG have issued:
MSIB-09-20 regarding Vessel Inspections, Exams and Documentation
MSIB-14-20 regarding Ballast Water Management Extensions due to COVID-19.

USCG issued the attached letter on 10/11/2020 extending the previously provided guidance to Recognized Organizations (ROs) for ship operations impacted by COVID-19 global restrictions and to clarify areas where needed.
VANUATU With regard to ISM/ISPS/MLC audits, the due date of any internal audit due by 30 April 2020 is extended by this policy for 90 days from its due date. The extension shall be communicated to the Administration.
Recognized Organizations are authorized to postpone any ISM/ISPS/MLC audit due by 31 May 2020 for a period of not more than 90 days from the due date without prior authorization provided that the Administration is informed about the extension.
For renewal/initial audits, the due date is the expiration date of the relevant certificate. In the case of annual/intermediate audits, the due date is the last day of the permissible window. This authorization is only valid for COVID-19 reasons.
All other cases must be submitted to the Administration for approval.

The administration have also issued Fleet Safety Letter 063020.GEN regarding Seafarers Employment Agreements.

16 Sept 2020 – Extension of Merchant Mariner Credential Endorsements and Medical Certificates
CoC’s and medical certificates issued by Vanuatu that will expire on or before 31 Dec 2020 are extended to 31 March 2021.

Updated guidance can be found on the VMSL website: https://www.vanuatumaritimeships.com.
VIETNAM Technical Information on Sea-Going Ship 018TI/20TB
- Technical Information on Sea-Going Ship 018TI/20TB dated 23/3/2020 Provides instructions for the extension of certificates and postponement of surveys and audits where it is not possible to attend the vessel due to COVID-19.
- Applications are to be made by the Owners or Ship Managers to Flag (VR).
- Flag’s agreement may be given the extension/postponement not exceeding 90days.

11/TB The extension of the ships existing statutory certificates and the extension or postponement of the surveys, audits or inspections for Vietnamese flagged ships in situations of force majeure due to COVID-19 pandemic

Seafarers Certification (Aug 2020)
The validity of seafarers certification is extended to 31 December 2020.

Coronavirus – SERS business operations update

We would like to reassure our clients that LR’s Ship Emergency Response Service (SERS) will continue to provide the same level of support that you are used to throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, responding in the usual manner to any emergency that your ships may face. Please use the SERS 24-hour emergency numbers to do this.

If you have any questions, please email sers@lr.org.

LR Guidance: Survey activity during the Coronavirus outbreak.

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