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Proud to support David Florence on the road to Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

David is dedicated to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of performance at world-class level. Lloyd's Register is too. It takes a similar set of attitude and skills to succeed as a top-ranking athlete and as a business, and we learn from each other constantly. In sports and business, managing risks effectively is key to safety and essential to achieving objectives and long term goals.

Three-time world canoeing champion David Florence - sponsored by LR

David Florence and Lloyd’s Register

As a mathematical physics graduate who once applied to become an astronaut, Lloyd’s Register is a natural fit for David. But the commonalities go beyond a love of the technical.

David explains, “The challenges in business, elite sport and even life in general require so many of the same personal skills to deal effectively with them, to get the best out of yourself, others and every situation. In my experience, those who can develop those skills best in themselves, not only succeed more, but are happier. As part of my work with LR, I’m involved in an award-winning programme that helps to develop individuals and teams. I really enjoy working with these very talented people from around the world who, like me, have a high level of expertise in their field and continually strive to get better and better at what they do.”

David Florence collaborates closely with LR to support positive change throughout the business. We work together to understand the importance of attitude, mindset and belief in determining performance. To this end, David has shared his own very personal experiences of how he learned to overcome obstacles and manage unsettling changes in his bid to become double world champion. Our people have found it to be a refreshingly different and very personal approach which makes it all the more compelling and powerful.

This is part of a long term programme of development and empowerment throughout all levels, functions and geographies of the business. Through his focus, commitment and resilience, David is able to leverage his knowledge and skill to achieve great things. These shared values are the foundation of our partnership and deeply embedded in our business – our people, our strategy and everything we do.

David Florence in action
David Florence in action

A world class canoe slalom talent

Set against the backdrop of white water rapids, canoe slalom is a dramatic sport, for spectators as much as participants. Competitors run a rapid river course marked by gates (two poles suspended over the water). Speed is key, and no part of the canoe, paddle, athlete or gear can touch any part of the gate. Furthermore, the positioning of the gates forces athletes to negotiate cross-current moves and make careful use of eddies and waves. David completes in C1 (canoe singles) and C2 (canoe doubles) events.

As well as athletic skill and positive attitude, it is essential that David maintains deep domain knowledge of the technicalities of his sport. In fact, it can be the difference between winning and losing: through knowledge of how his canoe behaves on different water flows and currents David can accurately assess the risks associated with the approach to every gate on a course.

Since taking up canoe slalom in 1997, David has been competing for Britain since 1999. Having won a number of medals in team events, he won his first individual World Cup medal in 2005, which he followed up with a World Cup Gold medal the following year. Silver medals followed in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. Now though, he is intent on Olympic Gold. He says, “The Olympic Games has always been the greatest attraction for me in sport. It's such a huge spectacle and I’m always excited to be part of it."

Follow David on twitter @David_Florence

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