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Bridging the gap between CE and UKCA Marking.

The latest on UKCA Marking for exporters and importers.

Datos importantes

8 jun. 2021

  • Ubicación Webinar en inglés
  • Sede Online

The United Kingdom Conformity Assessment (UKCA) will replace the EU’s CE Marking across the UK, starting on 01 January 2022. This webinar features two of Lloyd’s Register’s network of technical experts addressing the issues and questions around the upcoming implementation of UKCA Marking. This live webinar also features a Q and A, providing you with the opportunity to raise any topics you would like to discuss around UKCA marking.


Date & Time: 

8 June 2021, 4pm (Spain)


Key Topics:

  • What is UKCA?
  • What do non-UK exporters need to understand and consider?
  • What do UK importers need to understand and consider?
  • Next steps for both importers and exporters



Vincent Boutineau
Southern Europe Area Operations Manager, Lloyd’s Register Inspection Services

Robert Pennycook
UK & Ireland Area Technical Quality Manager, Lloyd’s Register Inspection Services


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