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ISO 27032 Certifiering cybersäkerhet

Protect your reputation and manage cyber risks.

98% of all business relying on some form of digital communication or service, many organisations now see managing cyber security risks as a priority.

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ISO 27032 certification with Lloyd's Register (LR) provides a best practice framework to minimise cyber security risks and provides guidance for managing a cyber security programme.

What is ISO 27032?

Part of the ISO 27000 family of standards, ISO 27032 outlines security techniques and provides guidelines for cyber security. This best-practice framework enables organisations to use ISO 27032 to implement tools and techniques and formulate an effective cyber security policy.

It provides guidance on information, network and internet security, as well as critical information infrastructure protection (CIIP).

Benefits of ISO 27032

Protect against cyber risks

ISO 27032 provides guidance on addressing common cyber security risks, including user endpoint security, network security and critical infrastructure protection.

Understand cyber security

By gaining ISO 27032 certification you will understand how cyber security relates to information and physical security enabling you to cover all security bases within your organisation.

Implement a cyber security programme

ISO 27032 certification from LR demonstrate to your customers and stakeholders that you have implemented a cyber security programme that is derived from best-practice guidance on how to optimise your cyber security measures.

Need help with ISO 27032?

LR has a proven track record in certifying organisations against ISO 27001 so we have the expertise to provide assessment services against ISO 27032 including training, gap analysis and certification.

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