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Ascend - Training Services from Lloyd's Register

Reach your next level with our training services.

Our courses help you further your career and expand your knowledge in a learning style that's right for you.

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Ascend: Training from LR

We all learn differently. While some people prefer traditional face-to-face training in a classroom setting, others may prefer online tutorials using video and interactive elements. Some of us like a mixture of both.

That’s why we offer courses in different formats, to make sure there’s something for everyone, whatever their learning preference or level. Whether classroom sessions in-house or at LR for experienced professionals, eLearning introductory courses for employees just starting out on their internal auditor career, microlearning for quick, short bursts of refresher training, a mixture of all, or even a customised programme for your business, all of our courses have been carefully designed to be engaging and interactive, so you can get the most from the time you spend learning.

Ascend: Training by Lloyd's Register

Investing in people

Training provides many benefits to your organisation. Upskilling staff can help maintain a talented, motivated and capable workforce, with increased staff morale and improved operational efficiencies.

At LR, we believe in investing in people. Our wide range of management systems and inspection services courses have been developed by highly experienced tutors and practising assessors who ensure that attendees receive the highest levels of training in a style that’s right for them.

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