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IC Technical information.


LR IC is a geoscience software suite that helps multi-disciplinary teams integrate, share and interpret well data. The IC Platform base package ingests, standardises and stores well data from across the business. To bring that data to life, three optional modules add comprehensive analysis, visualisation and collaboration functionality.

LR IC can be based on SQL localdb, SQL Server or Oracle database platforms, runs on MS Windows and is compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.

IC Platform

IC Platform makes all types of well data and analysis results available throughout the company. Intended for corporate data store managers and individual users, this flexible SQL-based platform offers powerful data management, maintenance and quality control capabilities.

  • Reformat, rename, convert and move data
  • Re-sample and depth-shift logs for multiple wells
  • Rely on IC Platform's built-in standardised dictionaries to verify data rapidly and reliably

Users can query, search and filter on any criteria to identify wells of interest. Robust single-table views summarise each well or project's data, with a clear audit trail for review and comparisons.

IC Platform makes data sharing simple too.

  • Connect directly to LR IP software
  • Link to many other popular industry subsurface applications including Petrel, OpenWorks and Stratabugs with optional data links or plugins
  • WITSML-compliant, with powerful scripting to automate imports

Embedded security gives complete control over which users can access or modify data. With data in one secure, well-structured workspace, IC Platform lets geologists, reservoir engineers and production engineers work together to identify new solutions and ideas.


Three further modules bring industry-leading analysis and visualisation performance to IC Platform. From mapping to montages to 3D viewers, these applications help your teams incorporate all available well data into their work and present complex information clearly to enhance collaboration and interpretation.

LR IC platform screenshot

IC Geology

IC Geology plugs into IC Platform to analyse, visualise and communicate its data. Features like mapping, single or multi-well summaries and interactive charting help you spot significant patterns, trends and correlations.

With GIS, you can quickly understand the spatial distribution of any well data:

  • Employ powerful well queries to highlight missing data
  • Dig deeper into your subsurface view while maintaining lateral visualisation
  • Create an inter-well view of your subsurface data
  • Maps link to live data for automatic updates

IC Geology lets you produce detailed single- and multi-well summaries that integrate wellstick displays with analytical plots. Add maps and cross plots to charts to build complex montages. Standardise well data displays with templates, supporting accurate comparisons and rapid production of multiple reviews.

  • Combine maps and multi-well displays like correlations or cross-sections to build powerful field or basin reviews
  • Easily and rapidly share intelligence with charts, screenshots and PDFs

By helping you and your team make the right geoscience decisions, IC Geology's sophisticated tools and intelligent automation delivers true competitive advantage in oil and gas.

LR IC geology module screenshot

IC Stratigraphy

By adding stratigraphic awareness to IC Geology's visualisation tools, IC Stratigraphy brings the concept of geological time to your well data interpretations. IC Stratigraphy's Stratigraphic Schemes applies hierarchical data from adjacent strata to quickly identify missing data and unconformities.

  • Build age/depth mapping to display wells in chronostratigraphic age
  • Maintain control over stratigraphic relationships through user-defined dictionaries
  • Quickly display step-changes in zonal analysis mapping
  • Plot your well data by Age or True Stratigraphic Thickness

Note: IC Geology and IC Platform must be installed to support IC Stratigraphy.

LR IC stratigraphy module screenshot

IC Reservoir Performance Module

IC Reservoir Performance Module (IC RPM) expands IC Geology's visualisation tools and IC Platform's storage capability, bringing in historical data to cover your whole asset lifecycle. IC RPM helps you move beyond a static view of your field to build a complete view of your wells over time.

Integrating time-based production information with subsurface data allows dynamic reviews of your well history. Assess well performance and investigate the geological reasons behind changes in production, water cut or pressure.

  • Work with dynamic queries to step through your wells' history
  • Visualise variations across fields over time in 2D or 3D
  • Synchronise maps with production databases to automatically update views
  • Generate single-well and basin-wide summaries

Note: IC Geology and IC Platform must be installed to support IC RPM.

LR IC reservoir performance module screenshot


Built on the same open SQL database platform, LR IC connects directly to LR IP for easy file transfer and data sharing. LR IC can exchange data with a wide range of standard industry subsurface applications:

  • Petrel
  • Geolog6
  • R5000
  • OpenSpirit
  • OpenWorks
  • Xtreme Connect
  • Stratabugs

LR IC offers import tools for ASCII and LAS files, and can transfer data to and from any WITSML-compliant application.

For more information on how LR IC can enhance your business, please contact us

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